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UniLodge provides purpose build student accommodation either on campus or in close proximity to major educational institutions. UniLodge engaged WorkingMouse to build a mobile app for their residents.


How might we improve engagement between operational teams and residents?

Let's take a deep dive

Understanding the problem

UniLodge properties offer student residents the opportunity to take part in residential events to foster inclusiveness and a sense of community. However very little was captured or centralised. Not only was this inefficient, it denied management the ability to understand how many events were taking place nationally in any period of time. General communication with residents was also difficult, having no single communication platform between residents and property managers. This made it difficult for property managers to broaden the services they could offer and deepen the value they provided to residents.

Ideation & research

With a large wish list of requirements, a lengthy scope process was required to unpack and understand both the problems to be resolved and the opportunities that were on offer. Following an 8 week process, a holistic solution driving value for both UniLodge corporate users as well as residents was agreed upon. Further integrations will enable residents to renew their leases, log maintenance requests and interact with other residents in private social groups as well as have access to a virtual marketplace.


After 20 weeks of Discovery, 15 months in development, 410 feature tickets...

The solution

For management users, a Corporate Portal was created allowing administrators to add new properties and property managers to the App, collect feedback data, logs and analytics from each properties’ resident activity. For property managers, a Property Management Portal was developed to create, post and manage property events, social communications and event bookings. Integration with UniLodge's website and Facebook account was also undertaken. For residents, the UniLodge team wanted to offer the ability to access information via a dedicated app so a mobile Student App was built in IOS and Android. Presented information was leveraged from the property management portal and residents were able to view, book and manage their events.


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