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Developing custom software solutions has traditionally been a long and risky process. This is why many instead buy off-the-shelf systems that stifle business innovation. But there is a better way. WorkingMouse combines the Codebots technology with a tried and tested Way of Working so you don't need to compromise.
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The Codebots Platform is the engine powering WorkingMouse. The technology operates by detecting patterns in the software. Once a codebot understands these patterns, it can write code directly into the codebase. The end result is your own codebot that can write up to 92% of your application's codebase.


We offer bespoke web and mobile applications, as well as data migration for legacy systems. WorkingMouse has a number of agile certified project teams available to deliver exclusively on the Codebots Platform. Within each project team, there is a Designer, Web Engineer and Tools Engineer.


WorkingMouse has successfully delivered over 40 projects for our clients. We encourage project collaboration, working closely with our clients to deliver the best possible software. Our clients include the Department of Defence, the Queensland Government, Unilodge and NSW Police.

Police NSW

To begin, WorkingMouse started with modernising 7 Fatal Crash Microsoft Access Databases. The offline system is used by the traffic research and intelligence unit as part of their traffic & highway patrol command.The application created is now a modern .Net Core (C#) server side with a React client side. In addition to the migration the project team were able to add on several useful behaviours and functionality.

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WorkingMouse has delivered over 30 projects, here's what our partners have to say.

Carolyn Smith

Founder, My Career Groove

"There are three reasons I chose WorkingMouse... They were local, so I could have that face-to-face interaction with them, the second is that their customer service is very good and from day one was excellent, and the third is that over a period of time I did build a relationship with them... I felt I could trust them implicitly."

Lee Steer

Founder, artmarketspace

"We evaluated a number of companies on the same merits and the matrix we used pointed to WorkingMouse. It was about doing something with people who believed in the idea. The atmosphere was amazing. We worked in the same space and collaborated on what we can do, what we can't do and what's important. I love how the team brought my idea to life. I can't decide what I love most, I love it all."

Loch Bloomfield

Founder, Gevity

"The WorkingMouse team is first class. They have been able to quickly understand the business and ask intelligent questions to ensure they fully understand the context of the work we are doing. The ability to leverage Codebots behaviours (such as gamification, geolocation, timelines and superlists) will allow a rapid deployment of future Gevity functionality."

Our culture

Everyone in our team brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the table. We value initiative, urgency, fun, and a scientific frame of mind.

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