About us

We're a team of designers, developers and project managers who are committed to developing successful software solutions. Our strategies for getting your product to market are the end result of our independent research and testing; it's no exaggeration to say we have literally written the book on successful development. You can read it for free here.

Although no two projects are the same, we always take a scientific approach to development. This is with our goal in mind, product success. To build software that succeeds and helps our clients grow is what drives us.
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Our story

Our team is based in Brisbane but we've been helping clients throughout Australia reach their strategic goals through software. We're proudly Australian-owned and operated, and firmly believe that bringing development back onshore carries with it many advantages for our clients and their users. 

At the core of our identity is transparency. We believe in explaining what we do and why we do it so that all stakeholders can buy into the process. This is why we lay out our pricing and Way of Working in a transparent way.

The origins of WorkingMouse begin with our founder, Dr. Eban Escott (PhD) and the development of award-winning Codebots technology. This is a technology that we use every day to streamline development and free our team to focus on building the creative components of every solution. WorkingMouse belongs to the ECI company group, alongside Codebots. This unique structure allows us to focus on what we do best, build high quality software.

In 2019, CTO and company legend Matt Francis was promoted to CEO of WorkingMouse. Our team continues to push for innovation, transparent processes and product success.

Our Team

At WorkingMouse, our people are the reason we succeed. With a team of highly skilled designers, developers and project managers, we ensure the right personnel are on your project.
Our team

Our values

Our four core values guide everything we do. These values help us define our mission, focus on projects, and plan for the future!

Fun but not unprofessional
Urgency but not rushed
Initiative but not a lone wolf
Scientific but not heartless

Achieve the extraordinary

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