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WorkingMouse's professional services are in software development of web and mobile solutions. We partner with you to digitally transform your business through the creation of your bespoke application. We work together through each step - from scope to development to production environment.

Our unique, patented Codebots technology speeds along software development. It writes, on average, up to 92.68% of web and mobile application code. Our codebots writing code saves time, freeing up our developers to realise creative, and unique, solutions.
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Our story

Our team is locally based here in Brisbane, Australia, and we're a proudly Australian-owned and operated.

Dr Eban Escott (PhD) is the CEO, and a founder, of WorkingMouse. He has over 20 years experience working as an IT professional in organisations ranging from startups to large businesses. Dr. Escott is a firm believer of applying agile and lean methodology to software development.

Dr Escott received his PhD from The University of Queensland in 2013. His thesis, 'A model-driven approach to developing and testing web applications' was the result of his passion for improving software engineering processes. Dr Escott is a thought leader in the area of Model-Driven Engineering and believes software engineering can be significantly improved by using models as first-class artefacts in the software engineering process. This research and philosophy underpins the platform WorkingMouse utilises to build software - Codebots.

Dr Escott now holds an adjunct position and sits on the Industry Advisory Board for UQ's School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering. 

Our mission

At WorkingMouse, we have a mission - automate the ordinary to achieve the extraordinary. Our passion for being on the cutting edge continues to drive us forward today.
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Our values

Our four core values guide everything we do. These values help us define our mission, focus on projects, and plan for the future!

Fun but not unprofessional
Urgency but not rushed
Initiative but not a lone wolf
Scientific but not heartless

Achieve the extraordinary

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