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Our team is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. Within the company we divide our skill sets into tracks that encompass the skills needed to successfully deliver a software project. These include, technical, product success, project management and growth.

Matt Francis

Matt is the CEO of WorkingMouse. He joined the company in 2012 and was appointed as CEO in 2019 after acting in the role of CTO for 5 years.

Chris Pennycuick

Chris is the CTO of WorkingMouse. He oversees the development capability of WorkingMouse and ensures that the technology used is the best fit for each clients needs.

Jordie Peters

Head of Product Success
Jordie is the Head of Product Success. In this role she helps guide her team to successfully scope and design software that will have the greatest possible product/market fit.

David Burkett

Chief Growth Officer
David heads up the Growth track within WorkingMouse. He is responsible for guiding customers through the early stages of their software project and setting them up for success. 

Jake Wood

Head of Operations
As the Head of Operations, Jake ensures that the Way of Working is understood and implemented across every project. Using a fluid team structure, Jake creates teams that have the expertise to best deliver the clients requirements.

Blair Williams

Senior Account Manager
Blair is WorkingMouse's senior account manager. He liaises closely with customers to ensure that their requirements are delivered and their business objectives are met.

Monika Patel

Lead Web Developer
Monika is critical in our public sector projects. Her experience with the Java tech stack helps deliver projects with an extensive scope successfully.
SFIA Highlight: Programming Software Development (Level 4)
Recent Project Experience: Department of Defence, DSITI, My Career Groove, Safework Pro and SuzanneStays.

Joseph Alley

Lead Web Developer
Jo is our integration specialist. He can take your pre-existing script or software and integrate it into your custom application.
SFIA Highlight: Programming Software Development (Level 4)
Recent Project Experience: Gevity, MyLeap, Aptus, UniLodge.

Steven Dangerfield

Project Manager
Steven is our migration management specialist. As an experienced project manager, Steven excels at consolidating disparate databases and creating a central system. 
SFIA Highlight: Project Management PRMG (Level 6)
Recent Experience: Department of Defence - NMPR, MPR, ETP and CP.

Dr Bo Gao

Lead Web Developer
Dr Bo has a PhD in Computer Science and Masters in Science. He is an expert at thoroughly testing software and ensuring that coverage across every application is extensive.
SFIA Highlight: Programming Software Development (Level 4)
Recent Project Experience: Department of Defence, National E-Health Transition Authority.

Izzy McConaghy

UX/UI Designer
Izzy is our design strategist. She uses real data from user interviews and feedback to inform the UX and UI of every application. She is able to adapt to meet the demands of users in any industry.
SFIA Highlight: User Experience Design (Level 4)
Recent Project Experience: Inspect Real Estate, MyLeap, Aptus, Moreton Island Adventures and Verinote.

Minh Nguyen

Web Developer
Minh is our biometric and artificial intelligence expert. His experience with machine learning models and biometric scanners make him a valuable asset to highly complex projects.
SFIA Highlight: Programming Software Development (Level 3)
Recent Experience: Daltrey, UniLodge, Inspect Real Estate and Department of Transport and Main Roads.

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