Access Monitor by Access Intell


UX/UI design

Web application development

Project Scoping


C#Bot and React


Access Intell engaged WorkingMouse to streamline data collection and modernise their current brownfield applications into one cohesive and seamless tool.


How can we provide lenders with a single hub to keep abreast of customers' credit risks and automate data retrieval?

Let's take a deep dive

Understanding the problem

Part of the initial design-thinking process was finding a way to incorporate the existing brownfield applications and the connections to certain financial and government APIs to deliver the information to lenders as soon as they need it in an easy-to-digest format.

The next piece of the puzzle was collating all of this data into a single location. This included a way to be able to show an overview of multiple and single organisations as well as all of their subsidiaries, debt amounts, risk buckets and adverse actions.

Ideation & research

Using our tried and tested methodologies, we worked alongside the knowledgeable team at Access Intell. Together we were able to map out a reasonable understanding of the application's users' wants and needs, all the while still being able to iterate and expand in an agile way.

With the Access Monitor prototype and user testing, we were able to evaluate and calculate the priority features needed to move forward. Prioritising features allowed Access Intel to mitigate budget blowout while still building a feature-rich application.


After weeks of Discovery, 13.75 months in development, 340 feature tickets...

The solution

Together the WorkingMouse and Access Intell teams developed two exceptional new platforms to complement and connect with their existing products. The first is a Single Sign On/Business Management Platform for Access Intell's users to consolidate login/access into their current products.

The second platform is an industry-leading scalable Customer Management platform that allows organisations to monitor Payment/Insolvency Risk Ratings driven by numerous complex third-party integrations.


The team