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Achilles uses Centre-of-Gravity (CoG) analyses to expose vulnerabilities. The existing brownfield application is powered by outdated technology; causing lengthy load times, and with it's overly complicated archtecture reduces functionality and restrains the ability to implement further updates.


How can we improve on speed and performance, while also allowing for unlimited extensibility for future updates?

Let's take a deep dive

Understanding the problem

The current brownfield application is limited to outdated technology; Which causes long load times, reduced functionality and limits the ability for future updates. The team here at WorkingMouse structured the application to allow for added functionality when needed in the future. Using modern 3D technologies, we were able to bring render times down significantly. In the brownfield application loading times could reach tens’ of minutes. The new application it is down to just mere seconds. We were also able to improve the functionality of the timeline by providing more options, from setting the amount of time and editing capabilities.

Ideation & research

Working with the experienced KBR team on Achilles we used our approach methods of problem-solving to ensure an application flow and experience that catered to the needs of an Achilles’ typical user. We used our Way of Working processes and activities to scope the project in 4 weeks. The process allowed for a transparent view for KBR where they could view where development time was going and could prioritise items. This process still tracked new features that may be wanted in the future without the worry of scope creep.


After 4 weeks of Discovery, 4.5 months in development, 40 feature tickets...

The solution

KBR and WorkingMouse working in tandem, to develop the Achilles analysis tool to be modern, user-friendly, and secure. Our design-thinking approach coupled with our continued Way of Working processes during development allowed us to be Agile when it counted, and quickly and easily adapt to changes as they were presented. The end result is Achilles by KBR which is a scalable Centre of Gravity analysis application that can be applied to any facet of any issue regardless of industry.


The team