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CardioNexus provides end to end diagnostic cardiac services. The TickerCardiology application was built to allow their team, as well as other Cardiologists in Australia access to instant review and reporting of diagnostic cardiology studies.


How can we modernise the Ticker application to get cardiac images & reports to the correct stakeholders efficiently?

Let's take a deep dive

Understanding the problem

Co-Founder, Tim Eller discovered the problem. As a cardiologist living and breathing the frustrations with on-premise reviews he knew a more scalable, cloud solution was required. With an interest in programming he developed the first version of Ticker. Once the original model was successful, Ticker engaged WorkingMouse to take the app to the next level.

Given that the Ticker application already existed, but could not scale to meet the business requirements, there were existing learnings that had been made. The problem statement was focused on the shortcomings of the existing application and in particular, how it could be expanded to a greater number of stakeholders.

Ideation & research

WorkingMouse proposed the development of the new Ticker application which would include the current applications data but would modernise its features. One of the core indicators for success was that the platform would improve current workflows while providing a way for users to easily share reports and data with relevant stakeholders. The replacement of an existing system also meant complexities around data migration. A staged architecture roadmap was created to ensure scalability as the number of users was forecasted to increase.


After 4 weeks of Discovery, 5 months in development, 217 feature tickets...

The solution

The new application provides a portal for doctors and cardiac scientists from different cardiology clinics to view their patients and studies which require reporting. The portal is focused on two key cardiology studies, being Echo studies and Holter studies. Confirmed reports can then be sent to the referring doctor via secure messaging.

Beyond the primary use of the application, there is a significant amount of configuration available for administrators and super administrators. This is critical for approving and restricting access to different stakeholders.

By adding additional features like secure messaging, it's meant a better product for current users. Rather than users previously having three or four processes to distribute reports back to their referring doctors, they are now able to do it with one click within the ticker application.


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