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Sentire is a comprehensive motor racing intelligence, lighting and control system. Installed and controlling 18 tracks in New Zealand, Australia and the Northern Hemisphere.


How do we improve racetrack safety?

Let's take a deep dive

Understanding the problem

Sentire was developed by electronics hardware provider Nautech. The initial aim was to improve raceway safety. But in order to focus our attention, a problem statement was developed. How might we create a system that tracks any spins, crashes or stops in a race car, so that race control can respond to any hazards on track quicker?

Ideation & research

Sentire was developed using an Agile approach because it was recognised early on that there was tremendous opportunity to make learnings along the way that would improve the experience of using the app for its users.

Sentire had a very specific budget to build their MVP. To achieve this, we set a fix development time and varied the scope to ensure we achieve every must-have requirement.


After 3 weeks of Discovery, 3 months in development, 76 feature tickets...

The solution

Sentire is a multi-platform application for Android and web. The app provides detailed driving statistics for drivers and race track crew members. These are being used to improve driver's safety and their experience when racing. The app uses a parent-child configuration, multiple plugins, mobile app, track web portal, web socket server, and external API pushing events into the system.


The team