Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia's Map Authoring Tool


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Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia engaged WorkingMouse with the aim of re-designing the interface of their existing Map Authoring Tool – an essential element of their Autonomous Haulage System.


How might we design an intuitive interface for Hitachi Construction Machinery’s Map Authoring Tool to help the AHS builders deliver virtual maps faster and with less pain?

Let's take a deep dive

Understanding the problem

The initial goal was to draft a prototype to understand the technical capabilities and transform the existing tool from a monolithic, old architecture to a modern one that would help us change the instrument and adapt to a microservices architecture and eventually deliver the device to the customer.

User journey mapping was performed to determine the pain points and understand the customer's voice. Internal customers were interviewed to uncover their experiences and insights. Analytics from these sessions helped the team understand the path forward.

Ideation & research

WorkingMouse proposed the development of a cloud application to replace the existing C# and C++ desktop applications. The platform would provide a way for users to import, edit and export map data files that aid in keeping the Autonomous Operation Zones up to date with the ever-changing mine site environment.

User story mapping was an excellent exercise to get a clear picture and determine whether the transformation was achievable within the timeline and budget. The result was portrayed in the scope delivery, which was the prototype with a clear vision.


After 5 weeks of Discovery, 6 months in development, 210 feature tickets...

The solution

During development, WorkingMouse has relied on Hitachi’s algorithm expertise for calculating complex paths and ensuring feature parody with the existing system. Working together with Hitachi developers to build and deliver the Proof of Concept in April 2022, allowed the project to progress past the initial milestone and work towards the release of the MVP.


The team