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Daltrey’s mission is to redefine how identity is used to create safer, more secure environments. Using biometric technology, they provide organisations with an identity solution that drives security policy from a position of trust.


How might we go passwordless?

Let's take a deep dive

Understanding the problem

After being involved in many high security environments with high credentials, Daltrey recognised how slow and painful it was to login to an organisation or business. They wanted to create an efficient way for a business owner or staff member to access information.

Using ‘biometrics as a service’ for businesses meant they could use the technology to understand who is interacting with their physical locations and logical assets. They wanted a way to create an efficient login process and remove the hassle of passwords, cards and PIN codes as credentials.

Ideation & research

This is cutting edge technology. Nothing like this had ever been done before so there were plenty of feasibility questions that needed to be answered. We didn’t want to waste our clients time and money building features for something that wasn’t possible. As a result, we conducted a tech spike and built a proof of concept to ensure that what was needed, could in fact be achieved.

At the end of the tech spike, there was a path forward to solve the problem statement. However it required both a software and hardware component. Always up for a challenge, the team began upskilling themselves on fingerprint scanning hardware. This helped prove the feasibility of the software integration with the hardware. In order to increase velocity on the software development, down the track the hardware component was outsourced to a third party.

After 3 weeks of Discovery, 6 months in development, 322 feature tickets...

The solution

Daltrey currently has 3 encompassing components – a web application, the native Android app and the Dot Matching Engine. These three components work together to allow the administration of users and consumption of user identities by third parties. All users are given customised onboarding that matches their risk level, security requirements and brand.

The creation of DaltreyID meant users could securely store their information without digging around for forgotten passwords or PINs. Those with a DaltreyID represent all the digital assets with just a fingerprint, face, voice or iris. They can then can turn off any access point of an authentication gate themselves without the inconvenience of cards, computers or passwords.

WorkingMouse has subsequently helped Daltrey onboard their own development team to continue building the product and growing the company internally.


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