How to create a ripple effect of positive change


12 September 2023

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This represents the final part of The Design Conference 2023 takeaways series. As always, this article will close with some prompts for you to ponder and consider. If you worked through the prompts and found them useful, please share your thoughts with us on LinkedIn or Instagram @workingmouse.


The conference asks us to reflect on the impact we want to make in our fields and communities, and channel that energy into becoming leaders who enrich the lives of others. This last group of takeaways focuses on leadership and how to create a ripple effect of positive change.

#7 It's ok to be redundant

While it might sound counterintuitive, there's great wisdom in this insight... When navigating the landscape of leadership, it's important to grasp the subtleties involved: certain situations demand direct, unwavering guidance, whereas others thrive with a more subtle yet impactful approach of support and motivation. The art lies in discerning these nuances and adapting between them.

Recognising when to relinquish control and allow your team to autonomously govern and flourish is an act of providing support itself. This gesture signifies a profound level of trust in your team's capabilities, a trust that inevitably accompanies them as they create, build confidence and make decisions along the way.

#8 Understand the box you sit on

When Micaela Webb said this, I experienced whiplash as I went on a metaphorical journey into understanding the depth and significance of my role within my company. This phrase prompted me to recognise my responsibilities and influence, and more importantly how to provide structure and support, a safe haven for my team.

As the industry evolves and welcomes new entrants, the scope of one's role naturally broadens from being solely an 'executor' to taking on the role of a mentor. Within this capacity, establishing connections with your younger colleagues becomes a pivotal factor in nurturing the development of innovative ideas.

The journey of mentorship is a reciprocal one; while you impart your wisdom, you're equally presented with the opportunity to absorb fresh perspectives and approaches. Indeed, there is a wealth of knowledge from this exchange, a two-way street where learning flows seamlessly between generations.

Resources to give and receive guidance or mentorship:


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