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WorkingMouse designs, develops and deploys web and mobile applications. Powered by our Codebots platform, we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Already, our Codebots write on average 92.68% of our partner’s software: developing software faster and better. Download our White Paper by chatting with our Workerbot (look right!) and see what all the fuss is about!


WorkingMouse is a service company powered by the Codebots platform (Platform-as-a-Service). Codebots can write 300,000 lines of code in minute. An average developer could require weeks to write as many lines of code.


Unlike other software development companies, we don’t just build software for customers, we partner with you. We will help nurture your awesome idea into a dynamic business.

The Legacy Problem

Legacy applications become outdated because, as the software’s entropy increases, maintenance and updates become more time consuming and expensive. To escape from these limits on your growth and innovation potential, you will need a legacy migration.

The Cloud Solution

Cloud migration modernises legacy applications and databases by moving them to the cloud. Cloud applications hold a number of advantages over legacy systems, including costs and scalability.

Data Migration

This is the transference of the data itself. This process can be difficult considering over the years it may have been updated and manipulated by many developers—foreign keys will be missing, it won’t be 3rd normal form, columns will be incorrectly named. WorkingMouse’s systematic mapping tools simplifies data migration.

Functionality Migration

Data is the state of an application while functionality is the behaviour (eg. a workflow). Functionality migration is more time consuming as a software developer will be required to write code. However our codebots do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to writing the functionality, streamlining the migration process.

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