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WorkingMouse empowers government departments and enterprises by Discovering, Modernising, and Optimising software systems.


Here are some example project types where we take your problem and find a solution.

Modernisation of Legacy Systems

Modernising legacy systems enhances security, performance, and facilitates business process optimisation. WorkingMouse specialises in 'like-for-like' modernisation, which reduces project risk by preserving the core business process and logic. This approach allows you to take control of an upgraded system without changing your existing business operations.

Elevating Constrained Systems

WorkingMouse converts manual processes, spreadsheets, and offline databases into integrated digital solutions. This not only boosts productivity and data accuracy but also grants enhanced control over systems and data, facilitating seamless interaction with other systems.

Connecting Disparate Systems

WorkingMouse integrates varied systems, often found operating in silos within government departments. Our solutions ensure seamless data flow, enhancing control and facilitating informed decision-making.

How to engage

WorkingMouse can be directly engaged through these panels and standing offer arrangements.

Federal Government

Department of Defence ICT Provider Arrangement (ICTPA)
  • Purchase of Digital Services for Government.
  • All agencies may participate in this Standing Offer.
Australian Federal Police Capability Support Services Panel
  • Service Categories: Business Management Services, Procurement and Contracting Services, Operational Capability Supplementation, Labour Hire and Recruitment, Engineering and Technical Services, Learning and Development Services.
  • All agencies may participate in this Standing Offer.
Defence Support Services Panel (DSS)
  • The provision of services to support the acquisition and sustainment of Defence’s (Air, Joint Systems, Land and Maritime) capital equipment and systems projects.
  • Multi Agency.
Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) Software Marketplace - WoAG Software Licensing and Services Panel
  • Software Marketplace for Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) software and services. Available to Commonwealth entities, other Australian government bodies, state and territory government agencies and local government councils.
  • All agencies may participate in this Standing Offer.

State Government

Queensland Government - ICT Services Pre-Qualified Suppliers Panel (ICTSS13.03)
  • The ICT services panel is a whole-of-government arrangement that provides agencies with a simple and quick way to purchase high quality ICT services from a panel of pre-qualified suppliers.
  • Strategy and architecture, business change, solution development and implementation, service management, procurement and management support, client interface.
NSW Government, Service NSW SCM0020 Pre-qualification Scheme (ICT Services)
  • The NSW Government ICT Services Scheme is a whole-of-government arrangement by which suppliers deliver ICT services to NSW Government.
  • SCM002 - 'Advanced Suppliers': A - Architecture and Design, M - Systems and Solutions.

Local Government

Local Councils and LGAs - VendorPanel
  • Local Buy - ICT Solutions, Products, Services & New Tech LB308.
  • Vendor Marketplace - IT & Telecoms.

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Why us?

Since 2012, WorkingMouse has been providing software solutions to various government departments, including the Department of Defence, Transport and Main Roads, and Police NSW.
This experience has given us a deep understanding of public sector needs and challenges.
Codebots Technology

Our proprietary product, Codebots, empowers cross-functional software teams with reusable tools and capabilities through Model Driven Engineering and DevOps. Maintained by a dedicated product team, Codebots ensures teams can develop solutions with complete product ownership and adherence to industry standards. This is particularly important for government departments that need to maintain control over their data and systems.

Certifications and Standards

We adhere to ISO27001/ISO27701 standards, ensuring that our solutions meet the highest levels of data security and privacy. We also follow the Scrum Alliance and PRINCE2 methodologies, ensuring efficient and effective project management.

Commitment to Diversity and Sustainability

Our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and sustainability aligns with the values of many government departments, making us a partner you can be proud to work with.

Collaborate with Local Talent

WorkingMouse teams are all 100% onshore and employed by WorkingMouse. Giving you the opportunity to collaborate directly with a cross functional team and access the broader shared learning's of the roles.

Automation with a Human Touch

WorkingMouse's Jidoka Process takes the best from Agile, Waterfall and applies the benefit of our software writing robots. This breadth first approach dissolves the notion of a ticket based approach and focuses on application coverage to deliver broadly and repeatably at speed and with quality.


Here's how we've helped and are helping governments modernise.

Department of Defence
Modernised disparate legacy systems into the material procurement platform, and continue to optimise security and operational efficiency.
Transport and Main Roads
Elevated their constrained systems, replacing manual processes and spreadsheets with a streamlined, digital solution.
Police NSW
Connected their disparate systems, enabling seamless data flow and improved response times from multiple Access Databases.
Remediated and relaunched an uncompilable legacy mobile app to comply with the latest standards across all App stores.
Queensland Health
A like-4-like modernisation of the ieMR configuration portal to enable a statewide system rollout and a Codebot to reuse across Queensland Health software projects.

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Information Security Management System (ISMS)
Diversity and Inclusion Policy
Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Policy
Family and Domestic Violence Policy
Sustainability and Environment Policy
Security Policy
Threat Intelligence Policy

Awards & Publications

These represent the accolades and print materials we achieved over the years.


Using DevOps toolchains in Agile model-driven engineering (Publication)


Deloitte Fast 500 2017, APAC Winner

AiiA Edge, Gold Coast Chark Tank Winner


iAwards Infrastructure Platform of the Year 2018

iAwards Business Service Market of the Year 2018

iAwards Infrastructure and platform Innovation of the Year 2018 - Codebots

Westpac Businesses of Tomorrow 2018 Winner

Businesses of Tomorrow 2018 Winner

Improvements to Artificially Intelligent Agents (Publication)


iAwards Qld, Startup of the year, 2020 - Codebots


Clutch 2021 Leader for Custom Software Development


Clutch 2022 Leader for Custom Software Development

Using DevOps toolchains in Agile model-driven engineering (Publication)

A method for improved code generation by artificially intelligent agents (Publication)


Buy Queensland Suppliers Award for 'Putting Queenslanders First'

iAwards 2018
Top Company 2022
Technology fast 2017
Business of Tomorrow 2018
Top App Modernization Service 2023
Putting Queenslanders First 2023


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