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Achilles by KBR

Achilles uses Centre-of-Gravity (CoG) analyses to expose vulnerabilities. The existing brownfield application is powered by outdated technology; causing lengthy load times, and with it's overly complicated archtecture reduces functionality and restrains the ability to implement further updates.

Access Monitor by Access Intell

Access Intell engaged WorkingMouse to streamline data collection and modernise their current brownfield applications into one cohesive and seamless tool.

Active Insights by CFEP Surveys

CFEP Surveys engaged WorkingMouse to create a responsive web application that can be implemented by healthcare organisations, ranging from your local GP to large hospitals with multiple locations.

Hypha by Wireless Innovation

We worked with Hypha to create a mobile application that pairs with their physical devices that enables network connection for front-line workers, such as firefighters and paramedics.

The app promotes a quick way for users to monitor the connection status and range of their HyphaCAP network.

Mustard Music Application Development

Mustard Music (MM) is a music led company that specialises in creating bespoke music profiles for the bar and leisure industry. With a broad client range across Asia Pacific and beyond, MM’s success has been built upon technological innovation and industry-leading music expertise. By combining this expertise with insights gleaned from clients about the environment and mood that they want to create in their premises (and the clients that they want to attract), Mustard can design a music profile and customise it to suit the specific trading aims of the business.

MM identified a need for a more user-friendly platform that would enable a music database to be fully digitised and made accessible to the MM team of music curators so they could create brand sound experiences for their clients (i.e., Venue Managers). The technical objective was thus to design a platform that was instantly accessible to music experts all over the world with functionality that would allow them to manage MM’s music library, create tailored playlists and build client/ venue profiles.

Moreton Island Adventures 2.0

Moreton Island Adventures offers an online booking system for travellers to book with the MICAT (ferry service). This project aims to modernise and improve the mobile experience of the existing booking platform while creating a white-labeled version for other ferry operators in the industry to license.

Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia's Map Authoring Tool

Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia engaged WorkingMouse with the aim of re-designing the interface of their existing Map Authoring Tool – an essential element of their Autonomous Haulage System.

Master Electricians Australia

ME Hub is a safety platform where MEA members can access the system and use curated safety content as a template to develop their own safety system within their business.


CardioNexus provides end to end diagnostic cardiac services. The TickerCardiology application was built to allow their team, as well as other Cardiologists in Australia access to instant review and reporting of diagnostic cardiology studies.


Sentire is a comprehensive motor racing intelligence, lighting and control system. Installed and controlling 18 tracks in New Zealand, Australia and the Northern Hemisphere.

Moreton Island Adventures

Moreton Island is one of the best holiday locations in Australia. We may be a little biased but the sand dunes, picturesque beaches and wildlife make for an unforgettable holiday. MIA approached WorkingMouse to digitise their ferry booking system.

Your Health Plus

The YourHealth+ is a cross-platform IOS, Android mobile and Web Desktop App that connects business employees with healthcare professionals to help provide them with better care on their wellbeing journeys.

Daltrey Biometric Security

Daltrey’s mission is to redefine how identity is used to create safer, more secure environments. Using biometric technology, they provide organisations with an identity solution that drives security policy from a position of trust.

MyLeap Learning Portal

MyLeap is a learning and development platform focused on cultivating real behavioural change. MyLeap recognises that a business transformation isn't just about technology. There must be a strong focus on the people that drive the change.

Aptus Design System

Aptus uses patented coupler technology to streamline the construction process. Their unique technology, paired with a design system that ensures quality has led to cost and time savings in the construction industry.

Kindred Engagement Portal

Kindred Property Group is one of the fastest-growing real estate agencies in Queensland. The company is on a mission to improve the way customer service is handled within the real estate industry by leveraging technology.

Transport & Main Roads Legacy Migration

In 2019, the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) commenced a proof of concept with WorkingMouse to determine the value associated with their unique migration methods in conjunction with the Codebots technology.

Police NSW Legacy Migration

The NSW Police Force is one of the largest police organisations in the English speaking world. To help the Police NSW on their digital transformation journey, WorkingMouse modernised some of their current legacy systems.


Gevity centralises data from fitness and medical devices; manages tailored health plans; tracks your progress; and provides a new level of insight and control of your health. Gevity is the parent application, with a number of different versions available based on the area of health.

SuzanneStays Accomodation Portal

SuzanneStays is a boutique accommodation and experience booking site, catering specifically for travellers with a disability. Keeping in mind the intended audience, it was designed for individuals who require assistive technology in their daily lives.

UniLodge Resident Services App

UniLodge provides purpose build student accommodation either on campus or in close proximity to major educational institutions. UniLodge engaged WorkingMouse to build a mobile app for their residents.

Department of Defence Procurement Platform

The Department of Defence (DoD) is one of the largest Government agencies in Australia. In a 6-year engagement, WorkingMouse helped improve visibility across their procurement spending by consolidating several disparate systems into a centralised application.

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