WorkingMouse's Journey of Software Mastery

Since 2012, WorkingMouse has excelled at discovering, modernising and optimising software solutions for government and enterprise clients.
With over eight cross-functional teams who work as delivery leads, solution architects, product designers, business analysts, software and DevOps developers.

The origins of WorkingMouse begin with our founder, Dr. Eban Escott (PhD) and the development of the award-winning Codebots technology in 2013.

We use this technology every day to streamline development and free our team to focus on building the creative components of every solution. WorkingMouse belongs to the ECI company group, alongside Codebots.

This unique structure allows us to focus on what we do best, build high quality software.

Our team continues to push for innovation, transparent processes and product success.

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Since then we have proudly been operating in Meanjin, Brisbane


The team is united in St Lucia, and the first commercial product is released.


Software development is on the rise, and our clients and projects span across varying industries.


WorkingMouse's sibling team, Codebots, is born! Our founder leads an exodus to our current Milton office as the business grows.


We hired more cross-functional team members and levelled up our *ahem* teleconferencing skills.


We introduced new squad structures to manage our portfolio of government and enterprise clients.


We kicked off BotCamp training with Codebots to teach clients and employees about our tech and Way of Working.


A continued focus on supporting our clients and their products with a touch of automation.

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iAwards 2018 Top Company 2022 Technology fast 2017 Business of Tomorrow 2018 Top App Modernization Service 2023 Putting Queenslanders First 2023

Balance with

Balance comes when energies are in harmony and risks are considered. We recognise when something is out of balance and we have the courage to change direction.

Connection with

By having empathy through these connections we can make today better for tomorrow. Our culture thrives when our connections are nurtured and strong.

Mastery with

Through practice we gain knowledge, but through teaching and sharing this knowledge we can attain mastery.

Play with

We play for developing cognitive and creative skills. We play for social bonding, managing stress, and so much more. Through experimentation we can play with purpose and unleash our creativity.

Your vision,

our expertise

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