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There's more to WorkingMouse than our award-winning technology, Codebots. Our Way of Working keeps us organised, focused, and 100% transparent. Our agile process is comprised of 5 phases: Brief, Scope, Development, Environments, and Support, but that's barely scratching the surface.

Download our Way of Working and see for yourself.

Download Way of Working

Some software development companies hate transparency. They obfuscate their methods because when uncertainty is high, accountability is low. We disagree.

WorkingMouse is forging in a new path: we love transparency. When we refer to our Way of Working, we are talking about specific processes, collaboration patterns, practices, tools, and principles. We don't just outline what we do, but take the time to explain specifics, such as goals and and the steps we can take to achieve them.

Our mission is to discover new boundaries. Through experimentation and the scientific method, we are constantly evolving our Way of Working. The Way of Working ensures transparency and better results.

01 Brief

The goal of our brief phase is to understand the problem and opportunity, and set the criteria for success. During this stage we build a criteria for success by discovering our partners requirements, and presenting an initial pathway, which indicates how we fulfill project goals.We aim to discover enough about your project goals to write requirements and a roadmap. 

02 Scope

Scoping is where we collaborate to create your business solution. We gather the essential information needed to ideate, decide, and act on a solution, and then write a scope document that contains a complete list of estimations.The team creates diagrams, designs, priority lists and more, so that development can start off strong. This process is how we reduce a substantial amount of the risk involved in software development. 

03 Development

In development, we start writing software based on tasks in the product roadmap. The goal of the development stage is to deliver early and often, while maximising the value of our learnings. We keep partners in the loop throughout development so you are fully aware of what the team is working on at a given time.

04 Environments

Testing makes sure users experience the solution as intended. We test and develop with three different environments: development, beta and production. Throughout the process we contact our partners, and keep them in the loop when we move the project through beta testing and deployment - customer validation is key!

05 Support

When partners enter a support agreement with us, we have staff on hand to assist in the event that something goes awry. All requests come through the Service Desk and follow the SLAs described in the support agreement between WorkingMouse/RogueTwo and the customer.

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