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25 August 2023

Ux Design


This represents Part 3 of a series of highlights and thoughts from The Design Conference 2023. At the end of each, you'll encounter prompts that I found myself pondering at the end of each day. I believe answering these prompts can act as gateways for your creative exploration, as they have for me.



A familiar topic at TDC that serves as a poignant reminder of how personal and collective growth can be achieved through experimentation. This fundamental concept underscores the notion that in order to evolve, we must embrace the willingness to try new things and step beyond our comfort zones.

#5 Just make something.

During the Fireside chats, a panel of speakers discussed the potential of AI replicating the qualities that make their work distinct from one another. Among the speakers, Bernardo Henning’s response stood out to me. He firmly claimed he had no apprehensions as he believed in the uniqueness of his artistic style. His belief that his style cannot be replicated stems from his experience in experimentation.

In Henning’s keynote, he continued to speak on his process of experimentation, while the supporting visual of a screen recording of his Flickr account played out. This video showcased what felt like an endless scroll of pages upon pages of his studios uploaded work (I think we reached page 24 before the next slide).

Josephine's sketch noting

“By not overthinking and just having fun, we could evolve our artistic expression” Bernardo Henning

The visual representation of his dedication to trying new patterns, styles, and mediums served as a powerful reminder that experimentation requires tangible action and exploration.

Building on this, the Nightjar team emphasised that play without a vision or direction may lead to aimless exploration without tangible outcomes. They believed that play should be infused with intention and guided by a defined vision.

At WorkingMouse, this principle is at the heart of our manifesto and is encapsulated in our core value of 'Play with Purpose.' The notion that vision serves as a guiding light, providing a sense of purpose and coherence to the creative process.

“Design without strategy is just decoration” Bonnie MacTavish

#6 Typefaces evoke a strong feeling.

Alistair McCready opened up the conversation that typefaces are not just aesthetic choices; they are powerful tools that contribute to the effectiveness of visual communication. It has the power to shape perceptions, establish credibility, and create a cohesive visual identity.

“Typefaces when used correctly can feel genius... they are your tools" Alistair McCready

When selecting a typeface, several factors come into play. The font's style, weight, and readability must align with the intended purpose and target audience. This offers up a playground for exploration that I would like to spend more time in.


  • Spend 5 minutes drawing as many chairs or types of seating
  • What's a typeface you like seeing your name written in?

The last part of this series will be released in a week :)

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