All technologies, frameworks, and languages that are present in either greenfield or brownfield projects are embraced by WorkingMouse. If we do not embrace them, we cannot modernise them or experiment with the leading edge of technology. We would eventually get left behind and be out of balance. Squads must be empowered to create a codebot in these technology stacks and not constrained in their choices.


Codebots is an innovative tool that is used by a squad to deliver projects. We build this tool ourselves and it is the vehicle for us to operate on the world stage and fulfil our mission statement. It is a mix of model-driven engineering, augmented intelligence, and DevOps.


GitLab is an innovative tool that provides an integrated and simple approach to CI/CD plus many other project related tasks. DevOps will heal the world.


A domain and technology-agnostic Platform Engineering Tool, it's a workbench that empowers organisations to create fit-for-purpose software solutions. At the heart of Codebots are Meta-Models, Models, and Pipelines, which serve as the building blocks for automating software development tasks. When combined with our proprietary software development process, 'Jidoka - Automation with a human touch', Codebots offers a range of benefits that are particularly effective for large-scale modernisation projects.

Benefits Include:

Consistent architecture with low technical debt
High test coverage including UAT's
Lower organisational change with coarse grained milestones
Decreased costs over the entire project lifecycle
Up-to-date user and developer documentation
Decreased knowledge loss and turnover
Increased cross-team collaboration
Healthier team culture and momentum
Increasing ROI for modernisation portfolios

Model-Driven Software Lifecycle

Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) is an approach that is used within our software lifecycle. MDE is the practice of raising models to first-class artefacts of the software engineering process, using such models to analyse, simulate, and reason about properties of the system under development, and eventually, often auto-generate its implementation.

Addressing Legacy

Legacy systems often become a burden for large organisations. Codebots specialises in like-for-like replacement of these systems, ensuring a seamless modernisation process with low technical debt and high test coverage. Additionally, manual processes and outdated operational methods can slow down an organisation's efficiency. Codebots addresses this by automating manual processes, spreadsheets, and offline databases, thereby reducing costs and increasing efficiency across the software lifecycle.


One of the key strengths of Codebots is its compatibility with any tech stack. This flexibility allows your organisation to maintain its preferred languages and frameworks while achieving complete alignment with specific domain requirements. Beyond this, our bots are highly customisable and trainable. They can adapt to your specific needs, whether that's writing documentation or developing software to any standard.


Meta-Models serve as the architectural blueprint for your software solutions. They define the scope and structure of what can be built, allowing for a high degree of customisation to meet your organisation's specific needs.


Based on the Meta-Models, these are the actual representations of your applications. Models allow for further customisation and are the basis upon which the bots generate code. They can be created or reused to suit industry standards like entity, security, API, Requirements, User Interface, Workflows etc. The target application is configurable from the model and in the source code for control and customisation.


Pipelines are the automation engines that turn your Models into functional software. They work in conjunction with modern programming techniques like Git and CI/CD to ensure a seamless development process.

Security and Compliance

Data security is a paramount concern, especially for government organisations. Codebots is securely hosted in Australia and complies with ISO27001/ISO27701 standards. In addition, our platform features a comprehensive Information Security Management System (ISMS) that includes detailed audit trails for all activities.

Scalability and Performance

Scalability is often a concern for large, complex systems commonly found in government organisations. Codebots is designed to handle large model sizes and offers the capability for cross-model referencing. This makes the platform scalable and well-suited for complex governmental systems.

Cost and ROI

Our pricing model is flexible and project-dependent, designed to accommodate the varying needs and sizes of different departments within a government organisation. For those interested in the return on investment, we have proven ROI metrics and case studies available for your review.

User Experience

The user interface of Codebots is designed to be intuitive, enabling all project stakeholders to contribute effectively. While the platform is robustly used by our teams and is well-documented, we also offer support through DevOps for any queries or issues you may encounter for your Codebot and target application.

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