Third Party APIs

In computer programming, an application programming interface (API) is a set of rules and requirements for building application software. Like how a graphical user interface makes using programs easier, APIs make developing new software solutions using a specific software stack easier.

3rd Party APIs

Sometimes APIs are private/exclusive to partners of the developer. And sometimes use of the API is public (e.g. Google Maps). This allows third party developers to build APIs linking separate software stacks. You can take advantage of APIs by outsourcing parts of your software stack, such as images (Flickr) and video (YouTube).

Value of APIs

Stop reinventing the wheel, APIs already cover many essential software capabilities. By using APIs like Facebook’s, you can streamline your login and lead-capture processes. Giving you more time to focus on your core service/product offering.

API Integration & Security

API integration can help streamline your business, but it can also introduce security gaps. Transport layer encryption (HTTPS and TLS/SSL) prevents Man In The Middle attacks and secures your software and your user’s data.

Integrating Smoothly

Depending on the API, there’s a risk that it may not have been maintained adequately. This may impact the layout and functionality of your website. In the event of any outage a contingency plan comprising of a back-up API is recommended.

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