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The Bots

Every organisation has their own tech stack. As a result, there needs to be multiple bots to fit those tech stacks. Currently, there is Csharpbot, Springbot and LAMPbot. The bots write developer readable code allowing our web developers to work alongside each of the bots. The client side pairing for Csharpbot is React. Springbot is paired with Angular. Simply choose the bot that best fits your existing tech stack and our teams will do the rest.


Behaviours represent a set of reusable functions. By drawing on one of our Behaviours, you can be sure that base application functionality is tried and tested and ready to be customised for your needs. Behaviours save you the hard work and cost of creating the functionality from scratch.

Third-Party APIs

Stop reinventing the wheel. APIs already cover many essential software capabilities. By using APIs like payment gateways, you can streamline your lead-capture processes, giving you more time to focus on your core business offering. You can take advantage of APIs by outsourcing parts of your software stack, such as images (Flickr) and video (YouTube).

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