Automation with a Human touch

At WorkingMouse, our people are not just employees; they are the human touch in our Jidoka automation process. Locally employed and highly skilled, they form cross-functional squads that work seamlessly with our proprietary model-driven tools to deliver your solution through the following project stages.

Project Stages

1. Discovery

We lay the foundations for success and formulate a plan that the whole team is confident will work.

2. Modernisation

We execute the plan and play to our strengths by modernising the legacy system with as little change management as practical.

3. Optimisation

We ensure the system is monitored and remains secure, while incremental improvements are now unblocked as we are now on the modernised technology stack.


Are a cross-functional team that is self-organising and empowered. They follow the Way of Working but are free to experiment with new processes and tools that are suited for their current project(s). The ideal squad structure includes a Squad Lead, Solution Architect, Product Designer, Software Developers and a DevOps Developer. The ratio and contribution of each roll will depend on the project but there should be a representation from each role at every stage in the project minimising the number of handovers and maximising the amount of knowledge held within the squad.
A Squad Lead manages stakeholder expectations, fosters team spirit, and serves as the primary link between the product owner and the squad.
A Solution Architect, having developed numerous projects, guides the squad in quality and addresses high-risk tasks early, considering both functional and non-functional software requirements.
A Product Designer not only crafts designs but also identifies user issues, applies design thinking, and collaborates to achieve both creative and technical milestones.
The Software Developers are not just coders but creative problem solvers, using architecture and technologies to artfully craft solutions.
A DevOps Developer combines development and operations, using automation for quality and efficiency, with expertise in coding, system admin, and cloud, excelling in seamless releases.
A Project Manager ensures timely, budgeted, high-quality delivery while prioritising stakeholder satisfaction.
A Business Analyst uses data and collaboration to enhance business processes, achieving organisational goals.


The DevOps teams provide adhoc support and proactive monitoring by automating the development life cycle and providing continuous delivery.
A DevOps Lead organises projects, manages expectations, facilitates processes, and technically guides the team to deliver outstanding outcomes for our customers.
The DevOps Developers support by bridging development and operations, using automation for enhanced quality and efficiency, with expertise in coding, system admin, and cloud, ensuring smooth releases.


A track is the specialisation of people into leadership, growth, design, development, and devops. They have a common role in a squad and through the track structure share knowledge on best practice and seek feedback from their peers on their current work. Even though people belong to a track, once they are deployed into a cross functional team, the squad will self-organise and use all their skills.


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