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WorkingMouse is led by our founders, Eban Escott, David Burkett and Liam Robinson. All partners act directly with customer accounts to sherpa their software journeys.

Eban Escott

Group CEO and Director

Eban is the Director of WorkingMouse and founder of Codebots. He received his doctorate from The University of Queensland (2013) in Model-Driven Engineering and his Masters from Queensland University of Technology (2004) in Artificial Intelligence. Eban has over 20 years of work experience as an information technology professional ranging from startups to large businesses.

David Burkett

CGO and Director

Having the largest account portfolio, David has been involved in overseeing over 50 projects across State Government and Private Enterprise. David received his Bachelor of Communication from Griffith University in 2009 and founded his own software company in 2011 before joining the group in 2016.

Liam Robinson

CFO and DOD Program Manager

Liam has for more than 20 years Liam has filled the roles of developer, cross functional team lead and project/program manager. Previously an exectuvie director in he analytics space, Liam has overseen the Department of Defences MPS program of work with WorkingMouse for over 6 years.


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