Outsource Your Software: 6 Reasons to Consider it


19 November 2018

Software Outsourcing


According to a KPMG study conducted in 2015, ‘cost savings' have been named as the most popular reason by respondents (26%) to outsource their software development. Interestingly, there are reasons such as ‘quality improvement' (21%) and ‘access to rare skills' (19%) which are catching the attention of businesses. However, when firms choose an offshore provider for a low cost of software, they face a plethora of risks. This makes offshore outsourcing a not-so-lucrative option in the long run.

Do the risks associated with offshore outsourcing make you wonder how you could determine to take your software development out of your organisation, and still ensure quality results? The answer to that is - innovative onshore software providers who give you the best quality of service while making sure you can focus on the areas of business that need your most attention. Read on, because our team at WorkingMouse has compiled a list of 6 reasons why on-shore outsourcing would benefit your business and help you attain a competitive advantage.

1. Rapid Digital Transformation: Technology is evolving rapidly all across the world. However, companies are often not equipped to respond adequately to the dynamic technological trends occurring in the market. Partnering with a software provider that specialises in the software development technologies and best practices, allows a business to undertake a digital transformation in the competitive landscape and develop a sustainable competitive advantage.

2. Strategic Focus: Outsourcing to qualified providers allows you to attain a strategic focus for your software development. The streamlined function of providers that adopt lean modelling techniques allows a business to achieve the goals more effectively. The business benefits from the feedback loop in the development process of UX/UI, web applications, as well as software.

3. Risk Management: Organisations often find it hard to keep pace with the agile and dynamic nature of the software development market and are often unable to incorporate the trends and best practices within their internal management. Moreover, setting up and managing a tech team requires a divulsion of resources, which may be a risky proposition given the rapidly changing software landscape. Software development providers are often more equipped with the tools and resources to gauge market trends and offer the latest and best in class software to your business.

4. Limited Technical Experience: Companies often lack in-house technological experience. Outsourcing a service or process that is not a business' core competency allows the managers to focus on building and sustaining their competitive advantage. Moreover, it provides non-tech startup founders the ability to customise their product based on exactly what they have in mind, and meet their business' dynamic needs without investing in a dynamic team.

5. Access to innovation and best practices: Software development providers are well acquainted with the market best practices because of having served a portfolio of clients across a number of product types. For a start-up, such providers open the doors to long-term innovation that can produce lasting results. For larger firms, it provides an avenue to innovate and incorporate the latest trends and developments without risking vast investment in setting up their own department.

6. New Line of Business: Usually, start-ups and companies that choose to start with a new line of business are hesitant about making a long-term commitment to employee staffing. High business risk, as well as the iterative process of testing and adapting to the market, create the requirement for an innovative software that creates value. Outsourcing software capability for the innovatively intense line of businesses allows enterprises to focus on the important organisational aspects of the business, and yet discover a bimodal capability that promotes digital transformation.

At WorkingMouse we understand how important choosing the right provider is for you. Our model-driven Innovation Platform helps startups, restarts, and corporate operations innovate faster and better by delivering cloud-based software. Contact us to know more about our innovation platform and how it can help your business grow.

To know more about how you could find the right provider and get the most out of the partnership, read about ‘The Key to A Successful Relationship With Your Outsourcing Company'.

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