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03 November 2023

Software Development


Codebots is our innovative tool that is used by a squads to deliver projects. We build this tool ourselves and it is the vehicle for us to operate on the world stage and fulfil our mission statement. It is a mix of model-driven engineering, augmented intelligence, and DevOps. The valuable toolset streamlines operations, automates tasks, and boosts productivity, contributing to cost-effectiveness and resource optimisation. By promoting collaboration and communication, WorkingMouse is able to enhance teamwork and decision-making. Allowing for quality, consistency, and adaptability ensuring we can meet evolving needs and scale efficiency. Now let’s dive in further about the value of WorkingMouse’s toolset ‘Codebots’.

Our Platform Engineering Tool

Codebots is our platform engineering tool and plays a crucial role in modernising enterprise software delivery for digital transformation and legacy systems. Our platform engineering tool allows our users to build high-quality software systems at scale. This technology approach can accelerate application deployment, thereby enhancing developers’ ability to generate value and boost productivity. Recently, our focus has been on educating the benefits and the principles of internal development platforms to our stakeholders.

Striking the Balance

Our toolset strikes the balance between empowering developers to customise applications and access the necessary technologies. This aligns with our software methodology ‘Jidoka’ – automation with human touch. Jidoka enhances automation and software quality while facilitating scalability and mitigating challenges associated with legacy systems, ultimately leading to more efficient and effective software development. This software methodology promotes consistent architecture, high test coverage, minimised organisational disruption, and increased return on investment in software modernisation projects. Our interpretation focuses on bringing human and machine skills together to produce a result that neither could reach alone. Jidoka’s principles and Codebots work together to empower our developers through Meta-Models, Models, and Pipelines, which serve as the building blocks for automating software development tasks.


Codebots helps automate the software development process by creating bots (automations) that can code like the world's best developers from pre-trained patterns. This gives more support to our developers, enabling them to configure, deploy, and manage application infrastructure, meanwhile the Codebot handles the bulk of the code, ultimately streamlining our software delivery processes.

The Codebots toolset was previously used in a Department of Defence project where the team efficiently processed a Codebot formatted design specification. In an impressively short span of less than one hour, all the essential code for the third project type was generated and prepared for testing. The toolset was also used within the most recent Trackbot project for the Department of Defence to create high-level representation metamodels and run all the models on Codebots pipelines to ensure efficiency.

The recent achievements and successful implementations of Codebots in projects for the Department of Defence highlight its effectiveness and value in driving innovation and value in software development processes.


The Codebots, like any developer writes a target application that is compiled just like traditional software. Additionally, the Codebot can be trained to write in any tech stack language. This means that the target application, your business system is independent of the platform and can be hosted anywhere and edited by any software developer. Codebots additionally enables your organisation to control the flexibility of custom software balanced with the surety of off the shelf components and reuse. This approach avoids the problems that come with building from scratch and eliminates vendor lock-in to lower the total cost of ownership across the software development lifecycle.

4th Generation

Codebots has recently advanced to the fourth generation. Continuous research and development on our Codebots platform by our Codebots team allow WorkingMouse to ensure it delivers a platform engineering tool that not only meets current industry standards but also anticipates and prepares for future advancements and challenges. Codebots' vision is to fundamentally shift the way software is built by raising the quality of projects and enhancing the lives of our customers. This effectively means educating everyone on the value of modelling software for system control and striking a balance between the reliability of off-the-shelf products and the flexibility of custom systems.

To stay up-to-date with the latest Codebots news, visit the Codebots website here.

The Bottom Line..

Codebots contributes to the modernisation of enterprise software delivery through leveraging Meta-Models, Models, and Pipelines, along with ‘Jidoka - Automation with a human touch’. With a mix of model-driven engineering, augmented intelligence, and DevOps, it is the future of software development and offers a range of benefits that are particularly effective for large-scale modernisation projects. As Codebots continues to evolve, with a focus on continuous modernisation, it not only represents a powerful tool for developers but also aligns with the broader principles of CI/CD and the DevOps movement.

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