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When you partner with WorkingMouse you embark on a journey. Our talented crew will help you to visualise your idea, maximize your market potential, and better understand best practices for software development. Each step in our process is transparent and documented so you'll never be in the dark, no matter your level of expertise.
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Mobile and Web Apps

Our team has experience developing applications for a wide variety of industries using an agile methodology that keeps our solutions scalable long-term. A benefit of working with us is our Mobile App Behaviour, which deploys Cross Platform Mobile Applications using one codebase. This Hybrid Application lowers technical debt. Using this process, the same app can be deployed as a web application. This empowers businesses to connect with end users on the right platforms.

Legacy Migration

Legacy software can inhibit business growth. It’s slow, costly to maintain and less secure than a cloud application. Many businesses bear the cost of legacy systems because of the data stored on the software and its functionality. Our Codebots are experts when it comes to legacy migration as they can identify and write to the existing patterns in the software.


SaaS is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and centrally hosted. For example, if you had 5000 users all paying $20 per month this would be an equivalent annual turnover of $1.2 million. SaaS is an existing behaviour of our Codebots technology and is ready to deploy.

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