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The YourHealth+ is a cross-platform IOS, Android mobile and Web Desktop App that connects business employees with healthcare professionals to help provide them with better care on their wellbeing journeys.


How Better Health Generation built an MVP application in 10 weeks?

Let's take a deep dive

Understanding the problem

Dr. Henderson had a limited budget and an urgent deadline to deliver an MVP (minimum viable product) application, plus she needed to collaborate with an international team on different timezones. The challenge was to keep software development costs low but still get the application market-ready as fast as possible. “A short turnaround time was really important. Every week that went by we were using paper-based business processes with clients and there was always going to be a better solution for it with technology.” Dr. Henderson engaged a team from WorkingMouse, trained in Codebots technologies to scope and develop her application. They followed the scoping process available in the Codebots Way of Working. The first thing that was established was the problem statement and from there, the team deep-dived into understanding the problem, observing it in action, ideating for solutions, and finally prototyping for validation.

Ideation & research

Multi-instance Site setup and deployment to Amazon Web Services. This gives each Allied health organisation security in their user data and the ability to deploy their own custom content.

React Native Hybrid Application IOS and Android App for End Users. The end-users interact with a native experience right on their mobile devices.

#C & React Desktop Web App for Clinicians and Administrators. This gives clinicians access to see and manage the care of the patients outside of 1 to 1 interaction.


After 5 weeks of Discovery, 8 months in development, 295 feature tickets...

The solution

The system allows clinicians to gain insights, assign relevant content to their patients and permit site admins to adjust content to match their business style.

The tool enables users to check their mental/physical health journey and track towards a more favourable result. This is through a cross-platform IOS and Android App. The App is privately deployed for the Allied health service and users are privately invited to the App.

Users are supported along their journey by being connected to a healthcare professional.​ The Allied health clinician is able to see their patient's user journey's daily moods and engagement through the Web App.

The solution is deployed on a per-site basis with each site having its own database and admin users. This keeps the end-user data separate and also enable each allied health organisation to input their own custom content.


The team