Product Success

Over the years we’ve built plenty of soft­ware prod­ucts. The in­dus­try’s mind­set has al­ways been the same — build to re­quire­ments. This cre­ates a blind spot af­ter de­vel­op­ment; did the so­lu­tion ac­tu­ally achieve its goals?

Rather than build so­lu­tions blindly, we’re shift­ing the fo­cus to build­ing suc­cess­ful prod­ucts. Out of this came a new con­cept; Product Success Consults.

How do we de­fine suc­cess?

Success for pro­ject A is com­pletely dif­fer­ent to suc­cess for pro­ject B. As we take a prob­lem based ap­proach to build­ing soft­ware, the so­lu­tion and suc­cess cri­te­ria are de­fined as part of the process. This is done at the be­gin­ning of the soft­ware life­cy­cle but is up­dated as mile­stones are reached and busi­ness de­mands change.

How can it help your pro­ject?

Perhaps the biggest ben­e­fit that comes from mea­sur­ing prod­uct per­for­mance is the abil­ity to make data-dri­ven de­ci­sions. These learn­ings can be fed back into the Enhancements (link) that are made to the ap­pli­ca­tion. It also al­lows you to re­move the risk of mak­ing in­ac­cu­rate as­sump­tions.

These de­ci­sions be­come crit­i­cal when it­er­at­ing on the first ver­sion of your prod­uct and adding new fea­tures. We like to think that every step taken is for­wards, but the data helps prove (or dis­prove) that.

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