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04 December 2023



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Recently, we had the privilege of attending the Gold Coast Leaders breakfast, the events theme consisted of local innovation, opportunities, and development. A shoutout to Australian Computer Society (ACS) for organising the event, and Tafe Queensland for hosting the event.

The event had a panel comprising of tech leaders from the banking, regulatory, and blockchain sectors. The panellists shared their visions for the digital future and addresses the security challenges impacting major businesses and the finance sector.

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Key insights that captured our attention⬇️

Maureen Gabriel: In-House Counsel, Blockstars Technology

  • Maureen emphasised the important of recognising that even though the ICT industry is predominantly male, it is not a male-dominated industry. Respecting individuals based on merit, regardless of gender, promotes a more inclusive and innovative landscape. She also encouraged people to learn from others’ strengths, optimising budgets, and getting creative through R&D initiatives.

Antony Stinziani: CIO, City of Gold Coast

  • Antony highlighted the role of Chief Information Officers (CIOs), in transforming businesses. Understanding the business direction is crucial for CIOs to lead successful digital transformations. Additionally, he underlined the significance of data in shaping the future of AI. Antony emphasised that the state of our data, will underpin the evolution of AI technologies.

From Daniel Ramos: General Manager, ACCC

  • Daniel emphasised the power of diversity in building robust teams. He urged leaders not to exclusively recruit individuals who mirror their own characteristics but to embrace diversity in the hiring process. Daniel is also a gender diversity recruitment advocate and talked about the benefits of an unidentified recruitment process, which promotes hiring the best person for the role over what gender they may be.

From Raylee Carruthers: CSO, Protech

  • Raylee highlighted the importance of team cohesion and trust. Building strong teams requires time and effort, but the benefits of knowing and trusting your colleagues are invaluable. She advocated for sharing DISC profiles to promote understanding and communication within teams. Additionally, she highlighted the influence that employees still hold in terms of empowerment and energising team dynamics.

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Again, we thank ACS for organising the event. Events like this are invaluable platforms for gaining insights and understanding industry leaders’ perspectives. We gained valuable insights from valued tech leaders across various sectors. The diverse perspectives shared by the panellists underscored the importance of inclusivity, transformation, diversity, and team cohesion in the evolving digital landscape. Investing in the digital future is a necessity for businesses wanting to learn and succeed. Gaining insights from industry leaders additionally provides a roadmap for navigating the digital landscape, reminding businesses that forward-thinking is essential.

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