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06 August 2020


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The end of the financial year was a good opportunity for us to reflect on our learnings over the past 12 months and the direction we want to head in for the new year. As a result, we ran a company wide strategy day to re-align and focus on our mission for 2020-21. The video below features the strategy day with CEO and company legend Matt Francis summarising the strategies moving forward.


The vision of WorkingMouse is ‘Foster a culture of creativity and mastery that enables us to deliver valuable products for our clients.’


With this vision in mind, our mission is to 'Broaden our business horizons through a dedication to continuous improvement, with an emphasis on delivering value to our clients and enabling our people to achieve excellence.'


The company strategy was split across four pillars. Rather than dividing the goals within each specific track (developers vs designers etc), there are now a single set of goals across the company to work towards.

Goal 1: Consistent quality throughout and between project phases

The first goal is focused on ensuring a smooth transitions between stages in the Way of Working. As the stages have evolved, we now have teams that are specialists assigned to the project at specific stages. For example, the product success team are critical when unpacking and scoping the software solution. Ensuring that all handovers are smooth is the premise of goal 1.

Goal 2: Expand our delivery capacity and customer reach

Through the past few months we’ve proven the effectiveness of working remotely with clients. As a result we know that geographic barriers don’t have an impact on our ability to deliver. This goal is centred around growing our delivery capacity and building more software, for more clients.

Goal 3: Deliver value to our customers

The general expectation for development companies across the market is to build based on requirements. In the past, this was the way WorkingMouse operated. We found that there was a critical piece of the puzzle missing - assessing whether the software was actually successful. This saw the creation of WorkingMouse's product success team. Now, we're ready to go one step further by delivering and measuring the value of every software application. These measurements will give clients the information they need to assess how the application is tracking towards the initial goals.

Goal 4: People at the heart of software

Our final goal is to focus on the people at the heart of software. This means the developers, designers, product owners and end users. In the industry it can be common to focus on solutions or technology. This goal is focused on putting an emphasis on the people behind the software, both from a development perspective and a user perspective.

These are the primary areas we are focusing on for the upcoming year but as always our emphasis is on continuous improvement.

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