WorkingMouse: the Hipster, the Hacker and the Hustler


19 November 2018



Eban: The Hipster

The hipster of an organisation usually appears as a designer or creative genius. The hipster can be relied upon to make sure the final product is cooler than anything else out there. Known for his creative genius, Eban's imagination has the ability to turn a stick figure into a Picasso masterpiece. Eban has over 20 years of experience as an information technology professional. Despite this exposure to the IT industry Eban has managed to keep his finger on the style button and is always up to date on the latest fashions and trends.

When quizzed about sporting sweaters in the middle of summer, Eban replied with ‘I'm cool enough as it is.' As the hipster of the company, he ensures Working Mouse's final product looks better than Tom Selleck's moustache - which is no small feat. An example of Eban's creative genius is his thesis; 'A model-driven approach to developing and testing web applications.' This has established him as a thought leader in model driven engineering. Unfortunately Eban's ‘hipster' tag does not extend to his taste in music as artists such as Pitbull and Flo-Rida dominate his recently played.

Matty: The Hacker

The hacker is likely to sit quietly through a board meeting until answering the all important question of "how?" the new idea or initiative can be brought into reality. The hacker is the master of functionality and can be likened to a magician behind the pretty face of your product. I'm considered the brains of the company. I love the intricacy of coding and take pride in ensuring everything runs smoothly. My diet consists of code, code and more code. In fact, rumours are circulating that Dan Brown will base a new novel on me called Matty's Code, which is said to be more complex and confusing than the Da Vinci Code.

I lead WorkingMouse's long-term technology vision, meaning I'm responsible for the innovation platform, research program, university collaboration and industry thought leadership. After graduating with a degree in Multimedia IT I began working in information technology. My task is to give life to Eban's ideas making me the ‘Brad Pitt' of this Oceans 11 dream team. I'm more than happy to sit back and watch George Clooney (Eban) take credit for my behind the scenes genius.

Dave: The Hustler

The hustler is tasked with asking the question "It's cool, but is it something our partners and clients want?" They are the person who turns the beautiful idea into something everyone actually has on their phone. Dave is the filter of the company, all the ideas go through him and those that remain are commercially viable.

Having conversations with Dave are often incredibly difficult as he doesn't know what no means. There are even rumours he has sold ice to an eskimo. Dave is tasked with the job of ensuring Eban's ideas are what people want and then bringing it to them. Dave has extensive experience running multisite sales teams and has been involved with a number of technology startups. His technical background means that he can use applied knowledge to help and drive innovation. Dave carries a photograph of the company's business model in his wallet and often falls asleep staring at it.

A Dream Team

When Eban brings the creative design, I bring my utility belt of technology solutions and Dave finds the right way to package it, it results in a dynamic team who consistently produce quality products. As a team our immediate goal is to develop a product whereby domain specific language is utilised to deliver web based software projects faster, better and with greater reuse. We aim to have this completed by the end of the financial year. From there, the team will be working towards developing an innovation platform for our software. The expected date of implementation for this is August 2017.

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