The licensing benefits of using a Codebots channel partner


07 October 2020



WorkingMouse utilises the Codebots technology to streamline the development of our clients software applications. Codebots is our platform engineering tool, allowing for reusable tools and capabilities through model driven engineering and DevOps. The key benefit is that clients can retain their intellectual property and at the same time, aren't locked in to a particular tech stack. This sets Codebots apart from many competitors. As a certified Codebots channel partner, there is a distinct licensing benefit from using WorkingMouse to develop your custom software application.

At the core of it, the benefit is that using WorkingMouse gives you options. We’ll focus on the two options and outline the pros and cons of each.

Option 1: Access to the platform

The first option is for clients to access the platform and collaborate with the project team. Utilising the library for documentation and creating models to test the feasibility of new features are adding value for current WorkingMouse clients. This can deliver significant value to your project and business. Choosing this option means you are a Codebots user and fall within the licensing structure. By licensing the platform, it also sets up the possibility of moving development in-house over time. Access to artefacts are maintained and available on your personal domain.

Licensing structure: $80 per user, per month.

It's important to mention that the number of users will be the number you wish to have internally + 3 WorkingMouse users (the development team themselves will require access). This is necessary during active development but can scale down to a single license during support.


  • Ability to experiment with models yourself.
  • Learn how to use Codebots through the Academy.
  • Document important decisions or artefacts through the Library.
  • Utilise the Dashboard for transparency and visibility into the application.
  • Centrally located artefacts if you wish to move to your own team.


  • Licensing costs.

Option 2: No access to the platform

This option may be preferred for those that don't want to be as hands-on. It still allows WorkingMouse to utilise the platform and technology for development but the client has no access to the platform. As a result, no licensing costs are incurred.

WorkingMouse as a certified channel partner will still have access to Codebots to build the model and allow the bots to do the heavy lifting. This is the benefit of engaging a channel partner - utilising the technology without the licensing costs.


  • Development still benefits from the Codebots technology.
  • No licensing costs.


  • No access to the project dashboard.
  • Can't utilise the library for documentation.
  • Lose access to the models and artefacts on the platform if transitioning away from a certified channel partner.
Which option is best for you?

At the end of the day, a tool is only valuable if it is used the right way. After all, you wouldn't use a tape measure to hammer in a nail. So to answer the question of which option is best you must first ask yourself whether you will use the platform. Will you experiment with modelling, document using the library or upskill through the academy? If the answer is no, then perhaps option 2 will satisfy your requirements. If you do want to be more hands-on during development then we'd recommend option 1.

If you'd like to learn more about the platform and benefits of using Codebots before making a decision, we'd recommend reading through their blog.

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