SafeWorkPro and WorkingMouse Innovating the Safety Industry

by David Burkett, Mar 20, 2017

One of WorkingMouse's longest standing innovation partners is SafeWorkPro. This company aims to enable a zero-harm safety culture by utilising technology in a variety of industries. Basically they remove the need for unnecessary and annoying safety paperwork by replacing it with a quicker, safer and compliant app.
SafeWorkPro's founder Steve Cole, first noticed the problems involved with using paper safety documents while working as Director of the electrical contracting company Cole Contracting. The company started to face serious productivity issues in terms of managing risk assessment. Steve observed hours of backend management's time was spent writing, organising and filing these forms every week. These types of forms are required for compliance with Australia's workplace health and safety laws, which meant workers ended up spending more time completing paperwork than actually on the job!
SafeWorkPro was Steve's innovative software solution to the paperwork problem. Like so many other mundane human tasks these days, shouldn't the paperwork process be digitalised? Yet for some reason, Steve found no suitable technology available to Cole Contracting on the market. Research was then conducted into the idea of digitalising workplace safety and creating the SafeWorkPro app. One case study showed that a company with 12 employees could save $10k to $17k every year simply by using the app to complete their risk assessment instead.
After enlisting the help of WorkingMouse, building SafeWorkPro began to become reality. The process occurred alongside consultation with tradies and contractors. This means it's not just the WorkingMouse tech team who can understand how to use the app, it is simple enough even for your tech-illiterate grandma to pick up. Since the app was founded by industry professionals, it also understands the important aspect of legal compliance when it comes to workplace safety. All the documents are saved on the application making them easy to manage in case your business is audited.
WorkingMouse is proud to say we have now worked with SafeWorkPro to release over 20 versions of the successful app. In fact, one of the core capabilities of our Codebots Platform was built in collaboration with the needs of SafeWorkPro. Our ‘documents' capability allows for the creation of surveys, exams, questionnaires and other types of data collection on a website or application. 
‘Documents' has given SafeWorkPro the opportunity to add some really cool features to their app. It allowed for the creation of an awesome dashboard that displays information like the time of day when workers are exposed to the highest risks, who is being exposed to the highest risk and more. All of this data is collected through workers filling out a form (built using the documents capability) on the app. The data from this form is then transformed into a visual representation of graphs and graphics for the dashboard. 
Gathering the information you want in this way will make your application (and your life) infinitely more efficient. Usually this kind of information would be collected using shared documents or even manually, like the safety industry before SafeWorkPro. Creating a document online is therefore an important tool for improving interaction between the administrator and the users of an application.
Beyond documents and the dashboard, there are a bunch of other cool capabilities that both SafeWorkPro and WorkingMouse are really proud to have accomplished. One of these is geotagging. Geotagging is an important tool on the app because it allows for the tracking of each safety instance. Employers can then see exactly where these happen, real-time, on a map. Yet another awesome feature is the push notifications. These pop up on the screen of a device to give the employer's the opportunity to contribute to a safety outcome in real time. 
With the technology behind them and combining that with their own innovation, SafeWorkPro have now grown to over 50 active users. Knowing the directions this awesome partner wants to take their business, WorkingMouse is excited to see SafeWorkPro move from strength to strength into the future.
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