Partnership Success Story: Dirigo


19 October 2018



The overarching vision of Steve Keefe, is give his clients the confidence to make decisions by helping each individual and business understand the financial outcomes; both positive and negative. Simultaneously he ensures the client's interests are at the centre of what he does. By taking the time to understand the needs of the individual and the business, Dirigo is set apart from being viewed like a big bank.

The Mortgage Brokers industry is still relatively new. Today's figures according to IBIS World, set the Mortgage Brokers industry as raking in $2Bn AUD with a 6.8% annual growth. Since around the 1990's mortgage brokers have become providers of comprehensive, convenient and unbiased advice to clients. Yet people are still very uninformed and disconnected. There is a sense of not being in control of personal and business finances, which in turn results in people making many wrong or unwise decisions. This is where Dirigo comes in, unlike a lot of standard finance brokers, which can take too long to get approvals and feedback from banks, Steve Keefe finds solutions not problems. Dirigo will be able find its clients the most suitable lender out there without over promising and under delivery.

The greatest benefits partnering with Steve are securing finance to do deals and generate financial freedom. No matter how good a deal is, if you can't get finance to do it " the opportunity is lost.

Dirigo was developed so that when individuals or businesses needed someone to manage their finance, they had an alternative to a traditional bank or broker. Steve Keefe has created a firm that not just saves money every month for the same servicing and increased borrowing for clients, but also decreases the level of stress within client's businesses.

In late 2016 when Steve Keefe realised he wanted to get his new Finance Software ready by early 2017, the overwhelming response was "It can't be done". Never the one to shy away from a challenge, the team at WorkingMouse decided to partner up with Steve Keefe and take on his project that had been quoted as months of works at a minimum. In a mere 3 weeks the team had scoped out the project, designed the software and checked the software before delivery. By using WorkingMouse's Codebots that can generate up to 90% of the code, the team at WorkingMouse was able to tell Steve Keefe that the impossible could in fact be done.

WorkingMouse is very excited to continue seeing Steve Keefe and Dirigo go from strength to strength. For more information about Dirigo's services head to their website or the business finance hub. Alternatively you can check out Steve Keefe's LinkedIn or learn more about other innovation partnerships.

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