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30 July 2016



With the support of these investors WorkingMouse has huge aspirations for the continued growth of the company. Our aim is to persist in successfully developing and migrating software for a number of businesses through further advancement of both our software bots and innovation platform.

However this is just one of the exciting things happening here at the moment! We have recently also partnered with Advance Queensland and their KTP program. The program provides funding of up to $50,000 for eligible businesses to place recent graduates in strategic innovation projects. The purpose of this is to create a transfer of knowledge between universities and businesses. Through this program we have gained our new team member Taun, who is now working on the UX team designing the exciting new user-friendly navigation for our innovation platform.

This expansion and investment within our team and company is providing us with new opportunities to push our capabilities to new limits. As with any startup, WorkingMouse has worked its way through the initial stages of growth. By creating a business plan, company structures and building our initial MVP, WorkingMouse has been able to satisfy our growing customer base.

One of these customers is Liz Alexander from Value Farm Habitat. This week she is attending the Australian cotton conference on the Gold Coast and it will be the first time she has showcased her company's MVP beyond the first group of stakeholders.

"There are more than 1800 people attending from across Australia. I'm very excited about it! Our project brings together areas of environment, agriculture and technology. WorkingMouse was able to use design to make those areas interesting, attractive and accessible. They have been extremely flexible and responsive which, with living and working out of a regional area, has been really helpful!"

Working with awesome customers like Liz we have reached the stage in our startup where we are taking on board valuable feedback and measuring our successes and failures with KPIs. From here we are getting ready to build, for the mass market, our biggest and most exciting project yet! Together with our investors we look forward to bringing you more news in the future of our innovative projects.

If you are interested in other partnership success stories with WorkingMouse, read our article on Dirigo.

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