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04 November 2016



Like many startups this business began in the founder's living room and has now grown into a leader in its market. The basic formula for Hello Fresh is a box of fresh produce delivered to customer's doorsteps weekly with included recipe cards which help people use the fresh ingredients provided to cook meals quickly in the comfort of their own home.

The logistics system behind coordinating all the fresh produce including meats and fish, is amazing. However, technology advancements mean in the future companies such as Hello Fresh could use Geo Location technology to track deliveries automatically.

The company's innovative ideas are not limited to just logistics. Unlike some of the other big players in the market currently, Hello Fresh uses an app which allows customers to have total control of their food delivery. Mobile application solutions such as this are becoming increasingly popular for companies to more easily reach out and connect with customers.

With businesses like Hello Fresh increasingly accessing customers through innovative software and applications, it is important any organisation considers making similar transitions. There are 2 main reasons why organisations should consider either upgrading their current mobile app or creating one for the first time to boost customer connectivity and approval ratings. Being customer centric is important in today's global market.

Mobile applications reduce the waiting time for customers. It offers a faster alternative to traditional methods including web browsing on mobiles, tablets or laptops. Bypassing the need to launch a web browser means no URL to remember and type as well as reducing the need for data and reception. A lot of applications today can be run in offline mode as information is stored in the application itself rather than relying on downloading it every time it is connected via data or wifi.

Mobile applications act as a constant reminder to users. Every time a user opens their phone, the organisation's icon increases visibility. This results in higher levels of loyalty as well as reducing the costs associated with other forms of communication or advertising. Mobile applications can increase customer engagement levels by reducing the time needed to connect the customers to representatives of the business.

Having a mobile application can benefit your organisation greatly! To find out more, check out our book Bots The Code.

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