How did the Real Estate industry take advantage of innovative software

by David Burkett, Feb 13, 2017

Solving a problem with Innovation

Mark Roberge, author of The Sales Acceleration Formula, discovered during a meeting with corporate strategists that when an average company is asked to "tell its primary strategy for success in a competitive world, more than 70% responded that their strategy was innovation".  When the follow up question "Is it working?" was asked, more than half of those same corporate strategist said it was not.  One company that has managed to successfully continue innovating while both using and develop innovative software, is InspectRealEstate.

"What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done." Tim O'Reilly: Founder and CEO of O'Reilly Media

InspectRealEstate was developed because Andrew Reece realised there was a real demand for a simple, easy-to-use booking system. Aimed at agents, tenants, buyers and property owners, everyone could win from having access to a software platform that offers real estate agents an innovative solution to dealing with enquiries, as well as reporting on properties for sale and rent. Built and co-owned with Mike Van Raders, InspectRealEstate has grown from 2 to 50 people across Australia and New Zealand. With over 1500 industry leaders using InspectRealEstate, the journey from 2 people with a vision to today has been filled with challenges however the underlying drive has always been to make the moving process easier for people and now today it is used on one of the biggest real estate websites in Australia: RealEstate.com.au 

Business Innovation

Having previously owned a property management business Andrew Reece is an accountant who braved the business world. In doing so he has co-created a software platform that streamlined the process of moving, and has now assisted with over 15.5 million buyer/tenant enquiries. If there was any doubt about the sheer volume of enquires processed, earlier this year on the 4th of January 52,173 enquiries processed " that is more than one every 2 seconds throughout the day. 143,037 SMS messages and 260,052 emails. There are only 86,400 seconds in a day to put that figure into perspective.

Innovation Journey

Of the co-founders, Mike has the technical background while Andrew is the driving force behind the marketing operations and strategies on how to innovate. Initially they found that sponsoring and attending a variety of real estate conferences was the beginning of InspectRealEstate's growth. They were one of the few companies who brought the "code team" to conferences. The difference this made is that when approached and asked if InspectRealEstate would include various functionalities, Mike was on hand to personally answer questions. 

Looking back on the journey it is not just the company that evolved.  The very first employee is still with the company and their transformation went from being a support trainer to a coder.

The original goal was to make an application that would make for an easier life. Having established this first goal, it was time to change the mindset from just being a property management start up to being a successful software business. 

"Personally it's fantastic, knowing how many people can be helped". Andrew Reece. 

Through the use of WorkingMouse's team and innovation platform, Andrew Reece and Mike Van Rader's vision, the real estate industry will once again grow and change for the better.

Both Andrew Reece and the team at WorkingMouse are passionate about the benefits InspectRealEstate can bring to Australians as well as the potential for future growth of the application. To find out more about Andrew Reece's business you can visit the website at www.inspectrealestate.com.au 

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