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05 July 2016



In 2016 WorkingMouse had the pleasure of partnering with Etienne De Villiers to develop IPEXUS. IPEXUS is an enterprise exchange platform. It acts as a concierge service, connecting people looking to buy a business with people looking to sell their business. Before IPEXUS, finding a business owner looking to sell was hard enough, let alone finding one who owned a business you were interested in. IPEXUS simplifies this process. Users can browse listed businesses and easily gain additional pertinent information about businesses they're interested in. For example, they can discover what the business does, it's financial performance, the asking price, and more.

IPEXUS is the result of Etienne's vision. He identified a gap in the market when it comes to selling and purchasing businesses. IPEXUS is a means of bridging that gap, as well as simplifying the overall sale process. Traditionally, a lot of back and forth was required as buyers and sellers traded emails and phone calls. IPEXUS has streamlined this process. The website was launched on 1 July, meaning you can sign up now!

The site is secured by a number of safeguards. For example, before any confidential documents are released to potential buyers, they must sign a confidentiality agreement online. This prevents the misuse of information. IPEXUS is also integrated with LinkedIn, allowing users to create an account through the popular business networking site.

The website's best feature is its simplicity. Users can navigate around the site, create accounts and begin the exchange process with ease. Information is readily available for buyers, whilst sellers remain protected through confidentiality agreements and other security measures. IPEXUS will initially be available to users for no cost.

WorkingMouse's Role in IPEXUS

As with all software developed by WorkingMouse, IPEXUS was developed using our Innovation Platform, which uses codebots to write much of our customer's code. WorkingMouse's codebots are an example of Model-Driven Development in action. Developers create models that the codebots translate into code. For IPEXUS, we developed models allowing users to filter companies based on a variety of criteria on a simple interface.

With our models and codebots, WorkingMouse was able to go from project brief to finished product in three months. Some companies take years to develop and release software, making a three month time frame look like Usain Bolt doing the 100m. This isn't the first innovation partnership WorkingMouse has been a part of. To see how we can deliver quality applications in a short time frame, check out our innovation news on software bots.

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