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WorkingMouse has a successful track record of delivering large scale projects, including projects for the Department of Defence, UnliLodge, NSW Police and Transport and Main Roads (QLD). The processes we have in place and the personnel we employ position us well to deliver successful enterprise applications on time and budget. 
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Defence Support Services (Level 4 Software Services)
ICT Panel Arrangement (Defence)
WoG Software Licensing Panel
AFP Support Services
NSW Registered ICT Provider
Aurizon Services Provider Panel


WorkingMouse is completely agnostic in the hosting environment in which its applications are deployed, giving you complete control over the applications deployment. Our teams can manage your hosting environment on your behalf if desired. WorkingMouse has experience working in public hosting (AWS, Azure), private (external MSPs, Vault hosting, etc.) and on-premise hosting solutions.

Read more on the process we have built around public cloud hosting.


WorkingMouse has a rigorous automated and manual code testing process, following the best practice OWASP standards to ensure your application is secure. Our developers work in pairs, each testing the others code throughout development to ensure high quality and secure code.

WorkingMouse is always open to third party penetration testing of the code to ensure the target applications security. Further, our development teams follow the AAA approach to security, Authentication, Authorisation and Auditing.

Agile Process

The Way of Working began as a version of agile software development, which has slowly grown into its own set of principles, tools and guidelines. Using this process as a risk management tool, we are able to identify and mitigate potential risks that may affect a software project.

Every WorkingMouse project is guided by a Squad Lead who acts as a Scrum Master for the project. This ensures quality and timely delivery. Each squad lead is Scrum Alliance certified to oversee all iterations and ceremonies. Our approach to Agile is Scrum with a lean flavour as per our Way of Working. It falls within the Agile SAFe methodology.

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