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What’s in­side?

Across the globe to­day, legacy sys­tems are one of the biggest prob­lems faced by the soft­ware in­dus­try.

The prob­lem can­not be over­stated, and as we travel fur­ther into the fu­ture, legacy sys­tems could ar­guably be­come the most com­mon prob­lem across all busi­ness sec­tors and in­dus­tries. This book looks at the strate­gies and tac­tics you can use to mod­ernise your legacy sys­tem and move to­wards a mode of con­tin­u­ous mod­erni­sa­tion.

Who should down­load this?

  • CEOs and busi­ness man­agers that want a broader un­der­stand­ing and strat­egy the role soft­ware sys­tems can play in the or­gan­i­sa­tion.
  • CTOs and IT man­agers that are in­volved in mak­ing de­ci­sions around the or­gan­i­sa­tional di­rec­tion and use of soft­ware sys­tems.
  • Any other stake­hold­ers (designers, soft­ware en­gi­neers, busi­ness an­a­lysts, pro­ject man­agers, etc) that are in­volved in soft­ware pro­jects and want to do it bet­ter.

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