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What Are the Top CRM APIs?

Over the years, there have been a num­ber of APIs de­vel­oped specif­i­cally for CRMs that can in­crease ef­fi­ciency and al­low for a more seam­less work­flow.

The Trinity of Product Success

In our ex­pe­ri­ence, three as­pects heav­ily in­flu­ence the suc­cess of a soft­ware prod­uct.

How Did Oncord Reach Their Product Market Fit?

Discovering soft­ware prod­uct mar­ket fit is cru­cial to a busi­ness’ ad­vance­ments in the soft­ware land­scape. How did Oncord set their prod­uct up for suc­cess and sur­vive in­ter­na­tion­ally?

Who are the Best Software Developers in Sydney?

Like many, our client-base ex­tends all across Australia. With this thought, our minds of­ten wan­der to which other Australian soft­ware de­vel­op­ment agen­cies sit. Here are some well-known agen­cies in Sydney to keep your eyes peeled for.

What to do when your AngularJS ap­pli­ca­tion goes end of life

AngularJS is a javascript based open source frame­work that gained pop­u­lar­ity be­cause of its sim­plic­ity and MVC ar­chi­tec­ture. AngularJS was the first ver­sion of this new frame­work which has be­come widely pop­u­lar with Angular 10 cur­rently in de­vel­op­ment.

How does end of life soft­ware im­pact you?

At its most ba­sic, end of life (EOL) soft­ware is soft­ware that is no longer be­ing sup­ported or main­tained. This is not a unique or novel oc­cur­rence, every prod­uct has a life­cy­cle. New tech­nol­ogy is de­vel­oped which pushes the bound­aries of what is pos­si­ble a lit­tle fur­ther.

How Way We Do Reached Their Product Market Fit

Business pro­ce­dures can of­ten be­come a mun­dane, loom­ing task that ex­pends un­nec­es­sary time. How did WayWeDo flesh out the the most ef­fi­cient way to en­ter the mar­ket and suc­cess­fully sus­tain them­selves?

Using the lean UX can­vas to val­i­date your prod­uct

We asked our­selves. How can we dis­cover more at an early stage, re­tain this and get a com­plete un­der­stand­ing of the sit­u­a­tion be­fore we be­gin to solve the prob­lem? In re­search­ing, we dis­cov­ered the Lean UX Canvas by Jeff Gothelf and adapted it to ag­ile soft­ware de­vel­op­ment.

How to em­power your busi­ness with copy­writ­ing

Copywriting is the art of writ­ing words which sell. From mag­a­zine ad­ver­tise­ments to web ban­ners, they all con­tain copy. Great copy can pull in read­ers and build their trust.

Agile Development: When to Pivot vs Iterate

The con­cept of it­er­at­ing won’t be new to any­one who has been read­ing this blog. Nor will it be new to any­one who has worked within an ag­ile method­ol­ogy be­fore. Essentially, an it­er­a­tion is a small change to a prod­uct, ser­vice or busi­ness which al­lows for value to be added within a quick time­frame.

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