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09 October 2018

App Development


We have labelled this our Brief Meeting. In it we assign a dedicated UX designer and software developer to undertake analysis of your software project and give you an idea of the costs, timelines and overall look of your app. For a limited time WorkingMouse is offering this process (valued at $2,600) completely free of charge*.


What is involved in a brief meeting?

A Brief Meeting is a workshop where your team will guide you to uncover the high-level requirements of your software project. As part of our Brief Meeting process we will help you step out the progressive growth of your product into realistic increments, establish what the first build of the application could look like and discover how some of the features would work.

You should leave this meeting with an understanding of what the first iteration (minimum viable product) of your software would look like. A minimum viable product (MVP) is essentially the most basic version of the product. It allows a business to release their concept and collect validated learnings about the market. The MVP should be small enough to facilitate a build-measure-learn feedback loop. Learning early about the user's true needs increases the likelihood of a successful product market fit.

Your dedicated UX designer and software developer will then use the information collected at the meeting to create a personalised Brief Document for your business. The finalised document will outline a Roadmap for your project's development, display images of the UX designer's visual concepts of your application, identify which components of our Codebots Platform could be utilised during development (Codebots are bots that write code, helping develop your app more quickly and cost-effectively) and explain our costing options.

This document can be used to present evidence of the viability of your application to stakeholders, corporate management or potential investors. The document demonstrates that you have formulated your idea into a realistic plan, you know what your product design and strategy looks like and you are ready to start development as soon as you receive the necessary capital.

If you are interested in attending a free Brief Meeting please contact us for a chat.

*Some pre-qualification conditions will apply.

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