Who are the best application (app) developers in Brisbane, Australia (reviews/ratings)


12 March 2020

App Development


Each year at WorkingMouse, we meet with well over a hundred people in the South East Queensland area with respect to web and mobile app development.

As we consider ourselves advisors in this space and try to communicate necessary information through our blog, we are often asked "who are some of the other best app development companies and competitors in the area?"

Never one to shy away from being blatantly honest about the competition, here is a list of some of the companies that have a solid app development history in the Brisbane area.

Code Heroes


Review: Code Heroes are a mobile app development company that build bespoke enterprise Apps. They do this using the native application development technology stack provided by Apple and Google. This means that they deliver high-quality apps on independent code bases. Their team is local and they have previously built the QUT App. Recently they were awarded the Transport and Main Roads (TMR's) Digital License project.

Rating: Best for native mobile app development.

The App Team


Review: Originally from the Sunshine Coast, they now have locations in Brisbane and Sydney. Agnostic between native and hybrid development, the App Team's strength is their process. In particular their Rapid Requirements 2-day workshop gives a fixed fee quote as an outcome.

Rating: Focus is app over web development, best for a low cost prototype to test assumptions.



Review: Speedwell is one of the longest standing web and app development firms in Brisbane. They are experienced and have taken on an array of projects from Dominos to the federal government. They're agnostic in regard to technology stack and offer bespoke business applications, marketing applications, integration and project recovery. Their agnostic view and project recovery offerings place them well to support troubled projects.

Rating: Best for project recovery.



Review: Greenhat are full service in terms of development and design. They can provide branding design right through to hosting but are well experienced in ecommerce. They use design sprints which are inspired by Google's process. If you're looking for full service for marketing and ecommerce then consider Greenhat.

Rating: Best for Ecommerce.

Klyp Digital


Review: A full service digital marketing and development agency. If you're combining marketing and app development then Klyp may be best placed to assist. They are a hubspot Gold Partner and provide e-learning platform services.

Rating: Best for full-service marketing and development.



Review: A full-service agency that take a venture design approach to product design. They offer both a venture partnership approach on occasion and regular fee-for-service engagements. They have also have created their own 'Algorithmic Venture Validation Assistant' to give an early stage of demand for a venture.

Rating: Best for start-up/new ventures.

Patient Zero


Review: A strong development focus and offering of managed services. They work well integrating within a pre-existing software company to add more development capability.

Rating: Best if you already have a software business.

In summary, Brisbane has a very diverse range of web and mobile app developers. Everyone has a different range of specialties and experiences. We understand that it can be necessary to consider competitors to ensure that you're making the right decision. We would emphasise that this should be done with an open mind and a consideration on who is best to help deliver the product.

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