5 reasons developers are choosing codebots


25 March 2019

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There are some pretty big players already in the game, which can seem intimidating to newcomers trying to enter the market, but first in is not always best dressed.

Some new platforms have a distinct advantage.

Learning from the mistakes of their predecessors, and taking user feedback into consideration, new platforms have the power to release superior, more efficient products from the get go.

Some of the biggest low-code players already in the game have clunky systems that are tricky to learn, and lock you into their platform. These systems either write unintelligible code, or put legal barriers between a user and should be their IP. Consequently, there are some big names that see as much as sixty percent of their customers leaving within the first year of contact, typically having to rebuild their product from scratch.

In a competitive consumer market, brands must make continuous modernisation a priority; a single bad experience can be costly. Codebots makes digital transformation effortless, and brands have maximum control over their digital experiences; they own 100% of their intellectual property, which means they can easily extract their code at any time.

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Here are the top five reasons developers choose Codebots.

1: Codebots writes better quality code and is more consistent

Codebots has several bots that write to different tech stacks, and the collection is growing based on demand. With bots writing most of the codebase, and creating their own tests simultaneously, human error is significantly reduced. Different developers write code differently - think in the same context that different people have different handwriting. When you have several people writing in the same document, things can get messy and become difficult to read.

Using bots to do the majority of the repetitive, heavy lifting, means the codebase is written in a consistent style, making it far easier to read and develop with.

2: Codebots is faster, more efficient, and allows developers to be more productive

Repetitive, monotonous tasks completed on a regular basis have a serious impact on human error and motivation. Codebots enables organisations to create faster, more efficient operations for developing and delivering digital experiences and applications.

Codebots write on average 90% of a codebase, primarily taking care of the generic, repetitive elements. This means developers and designers can focus on being creative. Having more engaging tasks to do improves motivation, and reduces human error in the foundation of the code.

Codebots allows developers to complete tasks that would ordinarily take up to six months in as little as two weeks, improving development time by as much as ten times thanks to reusable code and streamlined processes. Developers can produce higher quality products faster, and have more time to focus on new projects, or creating superior solutions that give clients a competitive advantage.

Bots creating the foundational codebase minimises technical debt, and means there are significantly less bugs to fix.

3: Codebots easily enable digital transformation

Organisational requirements have moved beyond simply developing mobile or web apps; development platform vendors need to expand their value proposition. The demand for a streamlined development systems that offer a range of experiences has become a force low-code vendors cannot tiptoe around.

Codebots enables organisations to rapidly scale their applications across a range of platforms and devices. This simplifies the digital transformation process, and gives brands higher control over their digital experiences.

4: With Codebots, you own your intellectual property (IP), and can easily extract it at any time

One of the major problems with many low-code development platforms on the market, is that once you commit to them, they lock you into their system. If you're not satisfied with their offering, it's likely you will have to rebuild from scratch. Another common problem, is that many low-code vendors that do allow you to extract your IP, make the process extremely difficult, and the product you get is hard to read, full of bugs, and proves great difficulty with reimplementation.

Codebots' efficient, developer friendly code, allows you to easily extract and reimplement your IP in a clean and painless manner.

5: Codebots allows you to deploy your applications quickly and easily

Codebots makes deployment highly available, in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) load-balanced environment.

There was a time when a single deploy to a cloud service like AWS would take up to a week. Codebots builds a fully distributed environment on your behalf, and allows you to send information directly to your AWS account. This provides further efficiency by streamlining your continuous deployment processes.

Codebots offers a range of front-end development tools and back-end services that enable rapid, scalable development of targeted and ambient user experiences across devices and channels. This means reduced time to market, which is a massive boon to digital transformation efforts.

With faster releases, feedback cycles can be shorted, enabling your organisation to create and hone your digital experiences.

The Codebots way

With the plethora of low-code offerings on the market, it is easy to see how developers can get overwhelmed when selecting a platform that will work for their business.

Codebots takes care of the heavy lifting, writing higher quality code faster, allowing organisations to streamline their software development legacy systems, delivering a digital transformation.

WorkingMouse is an official Codebots channel partner and has used the platform to deliver a number of successful projects across various industries. It's important to understand that while Codebots will do the heavy lifting, there is always unique business logic that needs to be included through custom code. WorkingMouse developers work with clients to understand their unique business requirements before using Codebots and custom code to build the software application.

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