App Development

With your idea and our expertise, we’re changing the world one app at a time. Powered by our Codebots platform, we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Already, our Codebots write on average 92.68% of our partner’s software: developing software faster and better. Download our White Paper and see what all the fuss is about!


WorkingMouse is a service company powered by the Codebots platform (Platform-as-a-Service). Codebots can write 300,000 lines of code in minute. An average developer could require weeks to write as many lines of code.


Unlike other software development companies, we don’t just build software for customers, we partner with you. We will help nurture your awesome idea into a dynamic business.


One of the advantages of working with local software developers is the good old fashioned handshake. You are not our customers on the other side of the world, but our partners down the road. Never again wonder who is working on your idea or with your IP. Partner with your developer.

Web Apps

A web app is an application that runs on a web browser. Examples include email marketing service MailChimp and social media dashboard Hootsuite. Web apps can be as functional as desktop apps (e.g. Google Docs and Microsoft Office). Ask if your legacy software can be migrated onto a cloud-based web app.

Android Apps

Android is an open-source mobile OS developed by Google. More than half of all mobile devices run on Android. The popularity of Android comes with a downside: fragmentation. There are thousands of unique Android devices. Thanks to our unique framework, we can scale for all screen resolutions.

iOS Apps

iOS is Apple’s mobile OS for all iPhone and iPad devices. iOS users use more apps, buy more apps and spend more within apps than Android users. iOS users also place a higher premium on design. Thanks to our trusty codebots, time saved on writing code can be spent on design and innovation, satisfying the iOS market.

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