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Software development for mobile applications and websites represents the key service that WorkingMouse provides to our partners.

Mobile applications are an essential part of large-scale businesses and organisations.

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Mobile App Development Roadmap

Stage 1: Scope out your app

The first step is critical to the success of any project. Without a clear plan and an alignment of all stakeholders, the project will likely run over time and over budget. It also helps define the product/market fit for the mobile application through user interviews.

Stage 2: Build your app

Since we are now setup for success by thoroughly scoping the mobile application, it can now be built. There are a number of technology frameworks that can be used to build mobile apps. The app could be (1) built for web and deployed using a mobile wrapper, (2) built using React Native and deployed across both iOS and Android or (3) built natively for iOS and Android.

Stage 3: Growth and enhancements

Once the mobile app is developed, it is launched through the relevant app store(s). However it is very rare that the application can be considered complete. We recommend a number of strategies to monitor and learn from the current version. Once learnings are made, enhancements can also be made. 

Android and iOS Apps

Android is an open-source mobile OS developed by Google. More than half of all mobile devices run on Android. The popularity of Android comes with a downside: fragmentation. There are thousands of unique Android devices. Thanks to our unique framework, we can scale for all screen resolutions.

iOS is Apple's mobile OS for all iPhone and iPad devices. iOS users use more apps, buy more apps and spend more within apps than Android users. iOS users also place a higher premium on design. With Codebots, our UX Designers spend less time on mundane, manual tasks and more time improving the user experience. 

Web Apps

A web app is an application that runs on a web browser. Examples include email marketing service MailChimp and social media dashboard Hootsuite. Web apps can be as functional as desktop apps (e.g. Google Docs and Microsoft Office). Ask if your legacy software can be migrated onto a cloud-based web app.

Way of Working

The way we work, in conjunction with our Codebots, sets us apart. We have refined our processes over a number of years to best map the software development process. The structure of our development teams, release process, agile services and tool set all form part of our Way of Working.

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