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To nav­i­gate it­er­a­tions, cer­e­monies are used to pro­vide rel­e­vant check-ins. Each cer­e­mony serves its own pur­pose. The fol­low­ing set of cer­e­monies are rec­om­mended to oc­cur every it­er­a­tion.

Daily Huddle

A daily meet­ing that in­volves the squad lead, de­vel­op­ers and if re­quired, the prod­uct owner. Teams can choose to nav­i­gate these meet­ings in many ways, but the core dis­cus­sions points should al­ways be “What did I do yes­ter­day?”, “What am I do­ing to­day?” and “What is block­ing me?”. Tackling these ques­tions dur­ing the meet­ing should bring up dis­cus­sions on progress, stim­u­late dis­cus­sion around im­ped­i­ments and find­ing res­o­lu­tions.

Planning Session

An event that be­gins an it­er­a­tion, its pur­pose is to clearly de­fine the work­load, an it­er­a­tion goal and con­firm how that will be achieved. The squad lead typ­i­cally de­liv­ers a first take on the it­er­a­tion back­log, which is fi­nalised with the help of the de­vel­op­ers and prod­uct owner. Before com­plet­ing the plan­ning ses­sion, every­one in the room should be able to agree upon the work, the es­ti­mated time­frame, how it will be de­vel­oped and the ac­cep­tance cri­te­ria for each item.

Review Session

The goal of an it­er­a­tion re­view is to demon­strate the de­liv­ered it­er­a­tion of work. It is time for the de­liv­ery team to show­case their work, take rel­e­vant ques­tions and dis­cuss feed­back. Unlike other cer­e­monies, this is the ideal time for ex­ter­nal stake­hold­ers that aren’t the Product Owner to be­come in­volved and pro­vide in­put.

Elaboration Session

A meet­ing with the core pur­pose of in­ves­ti­gat­ing the fu­ture of the pro­ject and en­sur­ing the back­log is prop­erly elab­o­rated upon for de­vel­op­ment. It is rec­om­mended to hold one of these meet­ings per it­er­a­tion to al­low an ap­pro­pri­ate amount of time to look at is­sues po­ten­tially block­ing the next it­er­a­tion, or be­yond. Tasks to look at dur­ing each of these ses­sions are adding or split­ting sto­ries, re­mov­ing ir­rel­e­vant sto­ries, re-as­sess­ing the de­fined pri­or­i­ties and en­sur­ing high-pri­or­ity sto­ries and tasks are ready for de­vel­op­ment.

Retrospective Session

A ses­sion ded­i­cated to the re­flec­tion on an it­er­a­tion. Not to be con­fused with the re­view ses­sion, the idea be­hind a ret­ro­spec­tive is to have a chance for the de­liv­ery team to eval­u­ate it­self with­out the prod­uct owner and build an ac­tion plan for fu­ture changes. These ses­sions pro­mote con­tin­u­ous im­prove­ment and em­pha­sise small, in­cre­men­tal change for the bet­ter of the team and prod­uct.

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