Identifying op­por­tu­ni­ties


The Brief phase is fa­cil­i­tated by the Growth team, in par­tic­u­lar the Account Manager. It in­volves con­duct­ing a brief con­sul­ta­tion with the Customer, defin­ing the prob­lem state­ment along­side a prod­uct de­signer, and then de­liv­er­ing the fi­nalised brief to the Customer.

Account Manager
  • Main point of con­tact for the cus­tomer.
  • Uncovering the cus­tomer’s busi­ness goals and suc­cess met­rics and be able to clearly ar­tic­u­late this to all par­tic­i­pants in this phase.
  • Discuss part­ner­ship fit be­tween the two par­ties.
  • Collate and de­liver the find­ings to the cus­tomer through the brief doc­u­ment.
Product Designer
  • Explaining the scop­ing process to all par­tic­i­pants in this phase.
  • Ensuring the cor­rect is­sues are un­packed to ar­rive at the core prob­lems.
  • Clearly de­fine and com­mu­ni­cate the un­der­ly­ing prob­lem state­ment.
Product Owner and other stake­hold­ers
  • Clearly ar­tic­u­lat­ing their core prob­lem and cus­tomers.
  • Outlining the com­pany and/​or prod­uct to the brief­ing team.
  • Introducing rel­e­vant stake­hold­ers re­lated to the process of build­ing soft­ware.
  • Be avail­able for a brief work­shop and de­liv­ery.
Brief Participants Infographic

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