Tool Protect

Tool Protect stores information and images of tradies valuable tools in one easy-to-use and secure system. If tools are ever stolen, they can generate police and insurance reports in just a few clicks.


The problem that the app seeks to address is preventing tradies from having their tools stolen. Over the years co-founder Gayle had heard countless stories about unfortunate tradies getting the tools stolen and thought something had to be done.


The project commenced with a two week scope to determine what functionality needs to be built as part of the initial milestone. It became apparent that a mobile application available on iOS and Android was needed to satisfy the intended user base. It needed to be user friendly and simple enough that it didn't block users from wanting to protect their tools. 

Taking advantage of the Workflow behaviour allowed the developers to quickly create a straightforward series of guided steps that made the task of uploading tool details into the application easy and fast and creating a highly satisfying experience for the end user. The simplicity of the design was key to the instant success of the app upon launch to the public and helped bring the project in on time and on budget.


Kease adopted a fixed time, variable scope approach to the project. This meant prioritising the backlog in order to meet a hard deadline. The application needed to be up and running in six weeks to be showcased during a number of keynote presentations. WorkingMouse delivered the project on time and on budget.

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