Software Pricing Guide

As a rule, we cannot prescribe the exact price of building a software application. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, every application is different. So, we cannot specify that building a health monitoring application will cost $X. Secondly, the extent of the work is not completely known until it is adequately scoped.

However, what we can do is be as open and transparent in how we approach pricing software. We will run through the steps we take to present a scientific and accurate cost for software development.

Brief - Discover the problem

Cost: Free (valued at $1200)

Client time commitment: 3 hours

Artefacts: Brief document with a scoping timeframe

The first step to knowing what the software will cost is discovering the problem statement. This is done in conjunction with our expert technology consultants. The Brief meeting is a 2 hour workshop between your team and our consultants which provides the necessary information to create a Brief document.

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This allows us to prescribe a timeframe for step 2 (scoping). We find that problem statements can fit within three buckets; small, medium and large. The size varies based on the complexity of the problem and the information already known. Our consultants will recommend the scoping bucket after a brief workshop.

Okay, what's next?

Scope - Discover the solution

Cost: $18K - $36K

Client time commitment: 8 -16 hours over 2 - 4 weeks

Artefacts: Prototype, backlog of requirements, scientific costings, development proposal*

During a formal scoping phase (where the timeframe has been recommended after step 1) the focus is on finding a solution. The WorkingMouse product success team uses the discovery kit to create a backlog of requirements in the form of epics and user stories.

At the end of scope we conduct a scientific estimations process. The outcome is a timeframe against every piece of functionality so that you as a customer can make an informed decision of what to prioritise as part of the MVP.

*the IP of these artefacts remains with the client and can be used outside of the engagement with WorkingMouse.

Okay, what's next?


First milestone cost: $48K - $72K

Additional milestone cost: $24K - $72K

Client time commitment: 6 hours every fortnight

Artefacts: Your software application and the IP!

During development we build in iterations. The functionality is then demonstrated and reviewed by the customer after every iteration. You can fix the time and the cost (by varying the scope) after step 2. This means there is certainty in the price.

Okay, what's next?


Cost: $500 per month + any additional time and materials costs

Product Success Consults (optional): $500 per month

Recommended budget: 10-20% of the development costs

Support is provided by the WorkingMouse support team. We offer a basic support model which keeps costs low (starting from $500 per month) and gives control to the customer. This fee entitles customers to log tickets, with each ticket triaged using a two hour time-box. If the ticketed issue can be rectified during this time-box there are no other costs to the customer. Tickets can include minor enhancements, bugs and usability issues.

As an issue may take longer than 2 hours to rectify, we recommend saving 10-20% of the cost of development to put towards support and maintenance. Be sure to take into account other operational expenses. Services like hosting and App Store costs, while small should be included when budgeting.

We provide optional monthly Product Success Consulting sessions which consists of using the data collected in the clients application and comparing that to the goals outlined during Scope and Development. The operating rhythm is a 1 hour consultation scheduled every month.

Prior to the consultation, we observe collected analytics and summarises them, to be distributed to the client after the consult. Each client will need to ensure that their privacy policy is compliant for capturing and measuring analytics on their application, with access to the analytics products optional.

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