Software development

Software development for mobile applications and websites represents the key service that WorkingMouse provides to our partners.

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Onshore Development

One of the advantages of working with onshore software developers is the ease of collaboration. It’s important to workshop requirements and understand who you’re partnering with. Regular iteration planning and a formal review process ensures you know exactly where the project’s at.

Way of Working

The way we work, in conjunction with our Codebots, sets us apart. We have refined our processes over a number of years to best map the software development process. The structure of our development teams, release process, agile services and tool set all form part of our way of working.


Codebots runs on models. Developers and designers build the models while Codebots interprets them and writes the codebase. Within our existing models we have produced a number of software behaviours including; dashboards, timelines, gamification, documents, reminders, financials, workflows, geolocation and more.

Agile software development

Unlike other software development companies, we don’t just build software for customers, we partner with you. We will help nurture your awesome idea into a dynamic business.

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