Software Costs

Read more on the costs as­so­ci­ated with build­ing cus­tom soft­ware and how you can max­imise your ROI.

The 6 Constraints That Lead To Failed Software and IT Projects

By David Burkett - 01 February 2022

How to Find Grants Available for Software Development

By Alex Hudson - 30 August 2021

Tax Incentives Available for Software Development

By Yianni Stergou - 02 August 2021

10 Steps to Creating Software With a Budget

By Alice Spies - 06 July 2021

Off the Shelf vs Custom Software

By Josh Beatty - 18 June 2021

How to Accurately Estimate Software Development Costs

By David Burkett - 23 March 2021

These Are the ‘Other Costs’ when Building Custom Software

By Sophia Cao-Nguyen - 17 March 2021

Using Software Estimations to Account for Scope Discovery

By Yianni Stergou - 15 February 2021

How Accurate are Software Estimates? Traditional vs Scientific Estimates

By Yianni Stergou - 27 July 2020

The Process and Price of Software Releases

By Yianni Stergou - 14 May 2020

What are the monthly op­er­a­tional ex­penses to bud­get for a soft­ware ap­pli­ca­tion pro­ject?

By David Burkett - 19 February 2020

How to Budget for an Agile Software Development Project

By David Burkett - 09 September 2019

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